Reiki Transgressions?

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The question this week is: Reiki transgressions

Q… I am hoping my letter will reach you. I trained with Pranic healing and then I stumbled into Reiki which I followed closely.

I did my self-attunement following downloaded simple rites. I now mix Reiki and Pranic healing which both use energy and finding that it works.

I hope I am not transgressing any rules regarding the use of both energy-healing practices?

Many thanks and I learn a lot more by receiving the Reiki Chats every Sunday.

God bless and best wishes,

And my reply:

A… Well done you 🙂

Trust yourself more and more and by all means do your own thing. 🙂

What works for you is right for you, regardless of who’s ‘rules’ you think you are breaking!

And always remember this: rules can only be made by people who want to rule you – and this is never right…

So, be a rebel girl… ha ha ha!

For this is exactly what we expect from unique, independent, individual Chikara-Reiki-Do Masters.

Perfick! 🙂

Judith 🙂

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