Reiki Victims

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Okay, now the question for this week: Reiki Victims

Q… A couple of years ago I had a Reiki treatment which corrected my grounding. The grounding that I used was directed to me Spiritually from my Grandfather.

A couple of months later I wasn’t feeling myself, so I contacted this Reiki person for another treatment, but when I was on the table she had stated that I was not grounded and strongly suggested that I picture my feet in a swamp, and let the water usse threw my tows.

For 3 days after that all I did was sleep, hardly ate or drank, and when I came out of it I checked my grounding and it was still the same as my Grandfather gave me and not what she said, it took me a long time to recouver.

I feel she stole my energy, but I don’t know the why or the how she did that. What happend is always in the back of my mind, and I felt that you could be the one to answer this for me.

And my answer:

A… More’s the question… how do you feel now?

That was then and this is NOW. How do you feel in this moment, right NOW?

For the only power there is, is in your NOW.

Some people just seem to leach or suck the juice right out of us. Perhaps their need is greater than ours at that moment.

But, of course, we learn to avoid such people when we can 🙂

And they’re not just Reiki people; any Joe Public can do that.

Ever been shopping in a Mall and come home utterly drained, it’s the same thing.

What does worry me is the FEAR that you seem to have allowed to build up inside you, that every Reiki person or indeed people in general, are going to zap and suck your energy away.

As if you have no say in the matter!

Remember… you are the Power source in your life and there is always enough, more than enough, energy to go around.

If someone pulls from you more than you feel able to give, simply re-stock yourself in a quiet space.

Fill yourself with Reiki energy.

Pull from the Universe all that you need until you are ‘overflowing’ and then others will not drain you so. When you connect to the whole of it, you are the whole of it and there’s plenty more of that as the Universe is ever expanding.

Just like you 🙂

But let this go now… move forward with confidence.

Your only problem is one of FEAR.

Perhaps the question should be – what do you FEAR will happen if you step out with confidence in your life?

Answer that and you will never worry about this again 🙂

Don’t ever moan about others, for the other is simply you showing you something about yourself.


Until next week…

Judith 🙂

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