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This week’s question: Reiki Without Reiki

Q… Ever since a young age I have been playing with the Reiki concept. I only recently heard of Reiki. My hands are extremely sensitive to the heat of a person’s body. I have always been able to identify an injury through my hands.

My question is on release of unwanted energy.

I have played around with the healing of others and have had great results, however there have been a few times where I seem to almost experience their pains. The pains leave shortly after I stop.

I can say I truly have no idea on what I am doing, but have had people swear by the results. If you have any information on what I have experienced please write back.

And my answer:

A… I see no problem with what you are doing… knowingly or not. 🙂 It works for you, so that’s brilliant.

You are sensing the other person’s energy within your own body. This is called being clairsentient. It’s as if you have stepped into them and you can feel everything about them.

Including their emotional state too.

But it is not YOU. You are simply reading their energy like a book. But no matter how engrossed you get in their book, you can put it down whenever YOU choose.

To help dispel the uncomfortable feelings you may pick up, simply rinse your hands under cold water and then ‘shake them off’ literally and symbolically. 🙂

TRUST yourself. You naturally sense and know, who’s is whom’s energy.

If you require more of a cleanse, take a shower.

I would suggest you read all the info on our site as this will cover so much more for you. Read all the articles and past Sunday chats.

Subscribe to our Youtube videos too.

You do not have a problem, so be careful you don’t buy into all the negative stuff about working with other people’s energy.

Remember – there is only One Energy and you are it.

You sound strong and confident… remain so. 🙂

I cannot stress enough how important it is to TRUST yourself implicitly. Question everything yes, but TRUST the answer YOU feel is best suited to the situation.

YOU do know what is best and what works for you.

Keep everything simple and straightforward. Don’t go convoluting and complicating things, just for the sake of sounding fancy.

And never be afraid. 🙂

Well done… simply carry on enjoying what you do, the way you do it. 🙂

Judith 🙂

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