Reiki & Antidepressants

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Reiki & Antidepressants

I am currently taking your 7-part course as an introduction to Reiki. I am very interested in performing Reiki on myself as well as family and friends.

My question is:

I am currently on anti-depressants. My long-term goal is to eventually come off them with the help of Reiki but it would not be wise for me to do that at this time.

Will the anti-depressants affect my ability to perform Reiki on myself or others? Will they somehow hinder or lesson the amount of energy that I’m able to manifest?

Thank you for your help,


And my answer…

Hi N

Anti-depressants mask your ability to acknowledge and respond to your feelings, so the best thing I can suggest is to start coming off them asap.

(Only to be done under the supervision of your doctor, of course)

Then use your Reiki daily to help balance and deal with the upsurge in emotions that will follow. The drugs keep everything on ‘an even keel’ so to speak and when you come off them your emotional boat will be severely rocked!

Anti-depressants just squash your feeling to a numbness so when the lid is lifted it suddenly feels like an exaggeration or an exacerbation of all your problems.

It is not, it’s just you have forgotten what wonderful, vibrant, vigorous, joyful, loving, hateful, angry feelings, feel like.

So just like a Jack-in-the-Box that has been released, you’re bouncing about all over the place waving your arms hither and thither… ha ha ha!

You will also have some strong and sometimes unpleasant physical sensations.

It will not be an easy ride depending on how long you have been on them. Any drug addiction is hard to break.

As for healing others…

Yes, you can do that but you just won’t be as ‘sensitive’ to their energy when you are full of de-sensitizing drugs.

You may be very good at it but it is still like stroking a cat with gloves on… ha ha ha!

Just think how amazing you could be without the gloves on and what a pleasant, pleasurable, connecting experience it will be for the both of you.

So really, I would suggest you leave trying to heal others until you have sorted yourself out first but do remember… there are no accidents.

In the future you may draw to you people who will need your wisdom, drawn from these very self same experiences. You will have a far deeper understanding, an empathy, with where they are coming from emotionally.

Reiki and EFT work very well together and you might find the EFT very helpful at those moments when things seem out of your control.

We have given this link before but here it is again…

Click Here To Take A Look

Our new meditation will also help to keep your energies stable. For it’s so easy to lose balance and find yourself at a loss as to what to do…

…and this lovely new meditation will help you to achieve that beautiful, peaceful state of mind, where nothing ‘rocks your boat’.

…where your emotions are soft yet strong, clear and dynamic.

Then you find you can be steadfast and true to yourself and follow your hearts desire.

And that, in a time when everyone else is buying into all the doom and gloom, financial hardship and pain, war and terrorism, woe is me and the end of the world is nigh etc – is a real bonus… ha ha ha!

So, keep your eyes peeled for our new meditation – it’ll be out this week and I’ll email you to let you know when.

Now talking of ‘starving’… ha ha ha!

It does have another meaning and it is a wonder you cannot smell that chicken roasting… ha ha ha!

Have a champion weekend folks and I will see you all next week.

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