Reikilusion :)


Good mornin’ all…

Now, gather round, this could be important!

As a Chikara-Reiki-Do Master you know I’m prone to higher thoughts and ponderings, so hark at this…

You’ve probably all heard the saying that the world is just an illusion.

And the saying – heal the man, heal the world, too.

Well, continuing on the same theme, you also perhaps know that it’s YOU who makes up your illusory world through your thoughts…

…and, more importantly, the way you FEEL about the thoughts you’re thinking 🙂

But, I’ve been musing, as I said earlier, and for us Reiki practitioners perhaps the word illusion carries the wrong kind of message…

I think it should clearly carry the message of wellness.

So, let’s drop the word ill-usion and replace it with the more appropriate word, for healers, of well-usion 🙂

And then we can all set about creating well-usions instead!

You see, Chikara-Reiki-Do is a powerful way of feeling and sensing the One Energy.

That One Energy is the core factor in creating all ill-usions.

So, it stands to reason that it’s also the core energy used to create well-usions too.

Simply knowing this, you can then use your Chikara-Reiki-Do energy each and every-day, on yourself, to create a positive, happy, joyful…


Live long and prosper folks!

And yes, maybe this has just been tongue-in-cheek, although…

Look out next week for a-llusions, b-llusions, c-onclusions, s-olusions…ha ha ha!

Have a powerful Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend…

Judith 🙂



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