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Good mornin’ all…

Today is Remembrance Sunday here in the UK. So in honour of all those Warriors, human or not, please watch this beautiful tribute:


It should also remind us that the opposite side of The Healer is The Warrior.

Within one aspect is the other.

Each complimenting the other with support and wisdom.

We all have the power to destroy things but we ALL have the power to CREATE too. And as always, all we have to do is choose which way we use our power.

Think positive, be positive, act positive. See what you want to see.

Don’t let anyone persuade you to go against your inner voice, your own values. Listen to the whisper of your heart. Be strong, be steadfast, be open and loving.

“Be nice, until it’s time to not be nice”… (Patrick Swazye in Roadhouse).

And you will know when that is, if you listen to your heart.

Do that which makes your heart and soul sing and all will be well in your world 🙂

My nickname when I was small was ‘Spitfire Winnie’. I like to think it was because I was feisty and passionate…

And I’m still a little Spitfire when the need arises as some have found out… ha ha ha!

But perhaps on a day like today it is good to remember we are all simply expressions of the One Energy, call it what you will.

We are spiritual beings here to have fun and where is the fun in slaughtering each other?

We are all human beings.

Some may be black or brown because of the human body’s ability to protect itself from the sun.

So why fight about that?

We may belong to a different country and group called a nation. So what? Why fight about that?

One day you might actually fancy living in that different country yourself.

What I am trying to say is:

If you’re asked to dishonour or hurt another human being, just stop – and feel what your heart tells you is the right thing to do.

Never mindlessly ‘fight and kill’ in the name of your group, government, continent, skin colour or bloomin’ religion…

It is NO EXCUSE and YOU will have to live with the aftermath.


For I am Samurai…

My body, holds all memory both personal and collective…

For we are One and the same…

To deny One, is to deny the other.

The fire in my spirit comes from the courage of The Warrior.

The power of my action is driven by the fearlessness of The Warrior.

The compassion of my heart comes from the peace giving Warrior.

The depth of my understanding comes from the knowing of The Warrior.

The joy in my life comes from the sorrow of The Warrior.

The LOVE in my life comes from the pain of The Warrior.

For I am Samurai… For I am the HEALER.

I Love, whole heartedly, the spirit that is my Warrior.

I Honour, without question, the spirit that is my Warrior.

I Respect, beyond doubt, the spirit that is my Warrior.

For I am Samurai… For I am the Healer.

For I am Freedom…

Find your Samurai and find your peace within…

Find your Samurai and find your balance…

For you are Samurai… For you are Healers.

With deep love and affection for all you Warrior/Healer spirits.

Until next week


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