Repeating Reiki…



Good morning all!

I can feel that ‘spring cleaning energy’ rising already!

The snowdrops are in full bloom and the daffys are well on the way 🙂

But any time’s a good time to have a good sort through and a thorough de-clutter really…

And not just for wardrobes and drawers because your repeating mind chatter and repetitive thoughts need a close examination and de-clutter too.

And a good way to do that, of course, is to use your Reiki energy every day on yourself.

Hmmm, I think I may have mentioned that before. Not that I repeat myself of course! 🙂

Okay then, start off by doing the 12 hand positions for 3-5mins in each position.

Then, when you begin to really know your Reiki and feel confident, you can sit with one hand on your heart and one on your solar plexus and recharge your batteries and release stress, at a moment’s notice.

Even doing the hand positions for one minute in each, will make a huge difference to your day. 🙂

Just keep life simple 🙂

But what about repeating your Reiki attunements?

Q – I have a silly question for you.

How many times do we have to attune ourselves before we can go on?

We’ve just kinda stopped for a few days and didn’t know if we should go on or what.

I hope that you don’t think I’m stupid, I just didn’t know.

On the contrary, I think anyone who asks a question is very brave, especially if they think it’s a silly one!

They’re the questions that others want to ask about but aren’t brave enough to do so! 🙂

A – So, thank you for having the courage to ask me something

Now, I’d suggest you slow down and read through your Ultimate Reiki Package again, carefully.

It’ll explain everything for you.

There’s a huge amount of information in your Reiki Package to absorb and get to grips with.

But to answer your question…

You may self-attune yourself as many times as you like, or just the once.

In fact, many people go on to use it regularly like a meditation once a week or as a ‘top up’ whenever they feel the need 🙂

But, the Reiki ritual of attunement is only there to assist you in recognizing that part of you, which is already Reiki 🙂

And if your intention is that you are a Reiki Master, then you are.

You showed your commitment by doing the ceremony.

The Reiki symbols and rituals are keys to, use, demonstrate and FEEL this energy – inside and out.

But YOU are the power!

YOU are the energy behind it all!

YOU are the energy behind everything!

Am I repeating myself here? 🙂

Again, I suggest that immediately after your self-attunement you run your Reiki energy on yourself for 30 days, using the 12 hand positions, as shown in your Reiki Package.

This quiet daily practice allows you to sense and become familiar and comfortable with your own energy.

It settles and steadies you, so you can become more decisive about where it is you want to ‘go’ with your Reiki.

Not everyone wants to heal the world…

(And yet they do…)

Then when you look back, you’ll see a definite change in your personal energy.

You’ll feel more calm and serene and your life will be flowing more elegantly.

And the way you approach life and handle situations will be so much easier 🙂

You simply have to TRUST yourself, for you are the power behind your Reiki and you can ‘go anywhere you want’ with it

Always remember if you can do something, if you have a talent, then own it, use it and share it – REPEATEDLY 🙂

YOU are the POWER behind it all! 🙂

Now, repeat after me to yourself – “I am the POWER behind it all”!…

Have a wonderful weekend…

Judith 🙂



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