Retro Reiki Right On Trend

Retro Reiki Right on Trend

Thank you Judith for last week’s Sunday Chat. It really struck a chord with me.

Especially the more degrees yet less sense.

In Summer 2011 my tutors ended my social work path (all divinely guided I am told) and I took up my true path and passion to become a Coach.

However, I have been working to let go of the societal programming that without a degree one is not successful.

Yet, I have a big heart and the gentleness to reach into the deepest wounds and help others to heal them and move forwards to their dreams.

When I look around at my old course pals with their degrees, many of whom I sat up and uplifted on many a day. It all seems so unfair that my journey towards being a social worker was cut short by those who didn’t provide the conditions I needed to blossom.

Yet, my coaching tutors did and I am about to be Accredited as a Coach.

One of my Coachee’s commented recently about ‘my presence’ and the powerful energy conduit I am.

I realised how strong our societal programming is, for being on my own RIGHT path, whilst feeling so good, is dampened by the idea that without a degree we are nothing.

When in fact, my father wouldn’t agree because the life I have helped him to build after years in care or the coachee’s who now have freedom from their minds.

Yet it’s my own mind that I need to tame and that is no easy task!


My thoughts:

Have you noticed the return of the old adverts showing on TV these days? Celebrating 50 years of a certain cream cleaner or the old cola ads showing cola in bottles made of glass…

Or the happy families and war time frugal recipes? The make do and mend – or going green and recycling as they call it nowadays πŸ™‚

Which gets you to thinking: what on earth went on before Reiki…

…surely there was healing available then?

But what was the criteria necessary to gain such healing abilities?

I mean, surely you needed to gain a qualification?

So, what certificates did you need to acquire?

Surely, you needed some sort of piece of paper, from some sort of ‘authority’ or other, saying you could do it, because…

Don’t you dare suggest…

…that all you needed to have was a natural ability and, shock horror, no gold edged diploma at all πŸ˜‰

And please don’t tell me, you could’ve picked it all up from a parent or Grandparent πŸ™‚

Heavens, you’ll be telling me next that all those fabulously powerful native healers, of all persuasions, are effective completely and utterly without need of any statutory licence whatsoever!

Surely that cannot be possible.

Okay then, tongue out of cheek time…

But then, so much is made about training, practice, skill level, qualifications, modules, add on modalities, advanced, upgraded, super beings assisted and the like…

That the heart of the art gets totally lost.

Look, first it starts with your hands.

From an early age you will have sensed you have hands. They can feel a lot of things and fingers are especially adept at telling you stuff, like hot, cold, rough, smooth etc.

But also from a very early age you learn to sense a lot more from the stuff in between the stuff.

We all learned to somehow read energy and sense it, smell it, feel it physically etc.

But, one way or another, we’ve come to forget.

And now we need a training course to get us to remember what never actually went away.

Someone decided you need a qualification to be human with human skills…ha ha ha!

And that all important certificate too, of course.

But YOU are a human being, with all the super duper skills you need ALREADY, to read, sense, evaluate, act upon and use – what we now call, the One Energy.

Call it what you will but we call it the One Energy.

You would not have survived this long if you couldn’t sense, read and evaluate the energy going on around you.

Before Reiki we had hands on healing, a loving touch, a knowing, or there were great comforters.

Before osteopaths we had gifted bone crackers πŸ™‚

Before doctors we had herbalists and acupuncturists…

Before dentists we had barbers or was that butchers – well, someone good with a knife anyway πŸ™‚

But, can you see what’s happening here?

Natural abilities are constantly being shown the door.

Now, what we’ve tried to do with our Reiki journey is bring you right back to being what you always were – free, independent, sovereign, human beings.

First hands…

Then Reiki!

Then hands that remember being human hands again.

How retro and right on trend is that? πŸ™‚

And how interesting that when I asked for feedback on what you all wanted me to help you with – you asked for my insight and intuition via the Tarot!

Perhaps what I need to get across is how to use your own intuition!

How to remember to be a natural human being again πŸ™‚

You are a free spirit.

You are naturally able to do many things NOW – some more than others, but we all have natural abilities.

Some are brilliant with numbers so make good accountants or numerologists.

Some are amazing at releasing your inner doubts and making you feel confident again – good life coaches then.

Some are marvels in the kitchen – dieticians or old fashioned Mothers! πŸ™‚

Some are singers, writers, painters, hunters, warriors, knitters, designers, drummers – the list is endless.

But rest assured – YOU have a natural ability that, for you, is easy to do.

And you don’t need a bloomin’ certificate from someone else to tell you that. You already KNOW it.

The only thing you need is word of mouth…

Sharing the information that ‘so and so is really good at that’…

But that is obviously retro marketing!

Word of mouth is still the best recommendation whether you are looking for a builder or a Reiki Master.

Because a word of mouth recommendation means you can do what you say you can do.

If you can’t, nobody will come to you no matter how many certificates you have hanging on your wall.

A good builder is a person with a natural ability to ‘build’ things, from Lego houses to real houses.

A good Reiki Master is someone who knows they have a natural ability to ‘intuit’ energy.

Be that for balancing and healing through their hands or simply sensing the person and their problems.

The structure and format of Reiki is just that, a structure and format.

But you are the energy reader.

You are the human being with that natural ability, behind it all.

Never, ever, forget that πŸ™‚

First there was YOU – an amazing all natural human being πŸ™‚

Then you believed you had to have a Reiki certificate and training to prove your natural ability to be human.

Now there is just you again – the amazing all natural, fully qualified RETRO REIKI human being.

From now on I shall endeavour to make you all more confident, competent, and naturally intuitive human beings… ha ha ha!

You see, Reiki skills are like make-up – they simply enhance your natural beauty and abilities.

In Retro-land we were unafraid because we trusted our own abilities to keep us safe, happy and healthy.

Look around you and see what happens when you give that power away to others.

Let’s go back to the Retro era and be natural human beings again. Not perfect I expect, but free from fear at least.

Now if you would like me to do what comes naturally to me – being insightful and intuitive and guiding you through providing you with a psychic energy reading – then click the link below and ask your question.

Don’t ask multiple questions because you will only confuse the real issue you are trying to clarify πŸ™‚

Click Here For Your Psychic Energy Reading With Judith


Until next week…

Judith πŸ™‚

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