Retro Reiki – Unadulterated


Mornin’ all…

I’ve just been thinking, as you do, but why does…

Everything have to be multi-plex or multi-faceted these days.

There’s no singularity, no straight forward, plain, exemplary experience.

No-one is simply a talented Reiki Master – specializing and expert – a connoisseur of Reiki.

No-one becomes a fully realized Reiki Master…

They’re too busy getting the next certificate.

Becoming a jack of all trades – but a master of none.

A master swordsman maybe good at many things – because he’s a master swordsman.

An Olympian athlete may be good at many things – because he mastered one.

A Reiki master may be good at many other things – because they’ve mastered one.

So, be diverse, be open, let in the new and complimentary, but always be true to your own path.

Don’t get distracted, side tracked, bamboozled by the sales hype…

…because, quite often, you’ll find the next bigger and better version is simply something retro.

It worked then and it still works today:

With no add-ons
Extra modalities
Software updates
Apps or patches

So, keep your life simple, uncluttered and powerful.

Clear, clean with crystal clarity.

And keep your Reiki the same.




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