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Good morning all!

The Reiki Circle Of Life

However we look at it, life is a circle – never ending or beginning…

I feel there’s a song coming on… 🙂

I always think I can complete my tasks and ‘get on top’ only to find that while I was ironing, the wash basket was filling up and it was time to cook dinner again!

Showing perfectly how within one thing, lies the opposite thing…

As in my ironing, is the washing and in my washing, is the ironing.

Now there’s a dreadful thought!

But when you feel down and blue, within that feeling is also the energy of rising up and feeling sunny.

The only way is up… baby 🙂

I feel another song coming on…

So don’t worry if you didn’t get things right this time around because the chances are it’ll all ‘come around again’.

Have you noticed that too?

You keep going back to the same place, the same state of mind, the same rotten relationship, or job, whatever…

But fear not… because each time you arrive, you’re a little bit wiser from the last time and can deal with it more expertly.

Like having money and then not having it – every millionaire knows this one

But each time you climb up again, you reach further to the stars!

And next time you slip back, you never go as far down as before, plus you know lots of tricks to stretch your cash…

You begin to see the pattern emerge and as you start to observe yourself and the role you play, you can then start to adjust your ‘part’, re-write the script and re-write the outcome.

Thus feeling more confident, in command, in charge and able to orchestrate the other players and factors in the situation.

Taking time out each day to give yourself a Reiki ‘treat’, even for 10 minutes, will help you be able to observe yourself.

By taking that ‘time out’, by stepping back for a moment, by not being drawn in by charged emotions, you allow things to become clearer.

And when things are clear, you can see the path forward, straight ahead…

Simple 🙂

But the really good thing is, that as you move around the circle, this time you find it is in fact, a spiral – and you can climb as high as you want.

When a similar situation arises, you’re no longer lured in, but carry on up and up.

The balance to this lofty spiritual climb, of course, is shown in the washing basket

No matter how high we perceive ourselves to go, it’s best to keep your feet firmly on the ground too

Otherwise, you’ll be away with the angels and fairies before you know it… 🙂

By the way, the whining noise in the background is my washing machine.

The sun is out and the sky is blue – perfick for pegging out

Am I grounded or what!

Have a fab Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend!

Judith 🙂



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