Safe In The Arms of Reiki

Good mornin’ all

Have you noticed how children just love to play with monsters?

Especially now that you can draw the curtains early and make the house dark!

Oooooh! Errrrh! πŸ™‚

It’s lovely to hear the squeals of delight as the monster gets closer.

But this joyful playtime game got me thinking just how like life that is.

You love to dice with danger…

You enjoy the thrills and spills…

You love to be chased, challenged and caught too, as long as you have a ‘safe area’ where the monster can’t really get you – usually Mum’s lap!

But have you noticed how in grown-up life, you often draw the ‘monster experiences’ to you too?

I don’t mean monster people chasing you, although that does happen, but the thrilling experiences of losing your job!

The financial brink of extinction!

Being backed into a corner with no escape!

‘Accidents’ that challenge even the bravest of you!

You love the drama, the challenge, the thrill…

The bloomin’ ALIVENESS of it all!

And if you’re not experiencing some sort of ‘personal episode’ at the moment, you tend to create one by poking, pleading and cajoling, until the monster that is life, gears up into action again!

Then you can FEEL ALIVE again

Then you have a purpose, a direction, a cause to fight for, or against!

Now, as Thanksgiving and Christmas approach you’re often asked β€œWhat’s your poison?”

Referring, of course, to what alcoholic drink you may prefer.

But it could also be referring to your rotten relationships, dead end jobs or total disrespect for your body instead!

Has this anything to do with Reiki you wonder?

I’m glad you asked because yes it has

As you grow up, you get too big for Mum’s lap or Dad’s strong arms.

And one day they’ll no longer be there for you.

So you have to create your own safe haven, your own retreat.

And how can you do that?

By using Reiki on yourself each and every day, to create that centre of balance and harmony within

So, no matter who’s chasing you or whichever corner you feel backed into, there’s a safe and trusted part of YOU, that you can retreat into, for reassurance and intuitive, personal guidance. πŸ™‚

There’s a part of you that knows why you choose your particular poison.

And with Reiki you can gently wean yourself off it and maintain your equilibrium.

For your monsters and poisons can be very addictive but in a strange way, a bit like any regular soap opera on TV!

But they can also drive you forward to create the perfect life you desire.

By showing you what you don’t want, they help to clarify what you do want.

Using Reiki on yourself and for yourself will show you how to become less embroiled in the emotions of the game.

How to remain unruffled on the sofa, while watching the Game Of Life unfold!

Instead of being emotionally embroiled, you become emotionally aware.

Instead of climbing peaks and dropping into troughs, you simply observe.

As you observe and you become aware of the flow of energy, you’ll see more clearly, more intuitively, where you want to go next.

Indeed, what’s going to happen next!

As you become more detached – you actually become more connected

As you stop getting carried away with the emotional turmoils of the event, you can actually become more involved with the emotional ‘experience’.

Instead of looking out there for your solution, you appear to stay still, and in that stillness, your answers come from within

So be a little more forgiving of your own ‘considered failures’ and simply support and love yourself until you create that Perfect Life

Not forgetting, of course, that Life really is perfick right NOW!

Have a great weekend,

Judith πŸ™‚


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