Sending Reiki to Too Many People

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Sending Reiki to Too Many People

Q… You must have a lot of people all at the same time joining in with the Saturday webcast. Does that not affect how well it works?

A… No, there is no limit to Universal Energy… I set my intention and you have set yours. When two people think the same thing anything is possible 🙂

Q… How can you focus on that many at once?

A… Let me reassure you that should I ever feel like I’m about to be overwhelmed with the size of the list, I would simply limit places. Everyone fully deserves, and gets, their fair share of my attention on the night 🙂

Q… What should I feel and when?

A… There are no ‘shoulds or shouldn’ts’ and no time when things should happen. This is so individual because not everyone has a ‘WOW’ experience. Some people just have a progressive feeling of peace and calm, evolving into a deep serenity. And this may only become apparent in hindsight.

I suggest using your 12 Reiki hand positions on yourself for 10-30 mins at least, each and every day for 30 days, after doing your self-attunement and then continue with this daily practice or at some other regular interval thereafter.

Then, when you look back, you will observe the changes in what you feel 🙂

Q… I have heard descriptions of intense heat and sometimes cold.

A… Or tingling 🙂 You will experience the sensation of your energy however is right for you.

Sometimes I ‘feel’ nothing in my hands. No heat or cold or tingling but I do sense an immense amount with my whole body.

Just be yourself and trust whatever happens for you 🙂

Practice, practice, practice on yourself first and foremost. That way you will experience your own energy in the most intimate way and so become familiar with it.

Judith 🙂

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