Sensing Your Reiki Guides

Sensing Your Reiki Guides

A Reiki guide is another way of saying you have a helper in spirit form…

And they are here to help as part of your team.

Now, you may have none or you may have more than one.

You may only ‘feel’ them now and again or every time you do a healing with Reiki.

Or, of course, they may appear more frequently.

How do I know if I’ve got one?

Try this simple exercise.

Sit quietly and open yourself up to divine love and wisdom using the Reiki Symbols.

Use all of them or just choose the one that ‘feels’ right for you on this occasion.

Draw them out on your palms first and then draw them out in front of each chakra.

Breathe them in chanting the names three times (three being the number of creation) and then say “I open myself up to divine love and wisdom”.

Now sit for a moment while your energies settle.

Then silently say, with your eyes closed…

“I call upon the Reiki energy and my Reiki Guides to be with me today and guide me in every way”.

Sit quietly and ask for your guides to come forward, so you can sense them.

How will I sense them?

You will feel spirit in one or all of three ways.

One way will be stronger for you than the other two.

1. Clairvoyant.

This is seeing spirit.

This doesn’t mean you will suddenly have a Red Indian or Chinese Mandarin standing in front of you!

Although… 🙂

For one thing, your eyes are closed.

What may happen is that you form a ‘picture’ in your minds eye.

You may ‘sense’ color, shape and a soft form.

A bit like ‘seeing’ a photo of someone in your head.

If your image is strong, then softly open your eyes and the shape may be in the room with you, for you to literally see.

2. Clairaudient.

This is hearing spirit.

Again, it may be just a whisper in your head, or outside as if someone is just by your ear.

Or, it may be that a ‘thought’ just pops into your head.

It may be just a word, right out of the blue…

Often the word given then conjures up a ‘picture’ in your minds eye.

3. Clairsentient.

This is feeling or physically sensing spirit.

Most people recognize this sensation and have used it before without realizing what it was.

As you sit quietly you may have the ‘feeling’ that someone has come up behind you or, more usually, to the side of you.

Often described as ‘someone standing behind my left or right shoulder’.

You will sense if they are male or female.

You will sense their age, as in old or young.

You may sense they are motherly or like a grandfather or maybe even that they are a Red Indian – at last… 🙂

You may sense they have a sense of humor too!

You may sense that they are large and overbearing or small and fidgety.

You will sense all of these things by the sensations you feel in your own physical body.

You will use all your senses, but as I say, one will be stronger for you.

Keep practicing this until you feel you can trust the sensations you pick up.

And when you feel finished just say “Thank you Reiki Guides”…

It takes nothing to be polite, and it helps to build a rapport with them.

For we all like to be appreciated.

Feel free to call upon them and talk to them as often as you wish…

For they are you 🙂

Here’s another good way to practice as well – without scaring yourself too!

Get all your friends around one evening and play this game…

One person sits or kneels blindfolded at the front of the room, with their back to everybody.

Then each person in turn has to creep up behind them.

As they approach silently, the sitter has to describe who it is.

For example…

Age, gender, color they are wearing and a word they are thinking of, etc.

You will be amazed at how good you can become.

Remember – spirits are people, just like you, only without bodies – and we sense them in exactly the same way.

So, just have fun experimenting…

Parties at your house will never be the same!

As always we send you our warmest regards.

Judith & Chris

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