Shifting the Reiki Paradigm


Good mornin’ all…

Shifting the paradigm is going to be done by creating, and maintaining, a positive mental attitude and gaining knowledge of what you’re really capable of as an individual.

When all those capable individuals join together as a team, you can then make a huge difference…

…and it doesn’t matter if you’re spread out all over the globe, in fact it’s champion 🙂

My ‘job’ (should I choose to accept it, Jim 🙂 is to keep you all positive and moving in the right direction.

That direction is of course, understanding just how brilliant and powerful each and every one of you really are 🙂

And being powerful doesn’t mean taking on board other people’s ‘problems’…

…like in this instance:

Q… I have just done my first healing for a friend who’s very negative and has neck and back pain.

A few days later she was feeling great but…

I was feeling terrible! Very down and irritable. It took me a few days to see what had happened to me.

I assume I took her problems on board, if this is the case, how do I stop myself from doing this again?

Anwser… Stay aware!

When you give Reiki to another person it opens you up to sensing their energy more, as it’s reflected in your own body’s energy field.

You sense a ‘disturbance in their force’ as a whisper of a feeling in yours.

TRUST that feeling. 🙂

If the feeling is not yours then simply say… “Thank you, take it away”.

Once you have acknowledged the client’s energy within your own, you no longer need to ‘sense’ it.

If it persists for a little longer, then again, ask for it to be ‘taken away’.

Do not acknowledge it as yours.

Another quick and easy way to shake off this foreign feeling is to shower as soon as possible.

This cleanses your energy field literally 🙂

If this is not possible then rinse your hands under cold water and see the negative energy being washed away.

Then shake your hands dry to further get rid of the feeling.

The real trick to this though, is to remain aware right from the beginning.

Yes, I can hear the cries of ‘you should surround yourself with white light and angel’s wings’ and how fluffing yourself with a incense stick will banish the demons or whatever – but I have never held with that version 🙂

The power and choice, as always, lies within YOU, to know and acknowledge the fluctuations in the Universal Life Force, be that flowing in another, or in you!

TRUST YOURSELF that’s all you have to do

When you start to sense the One energy, you sense it physically too.

Well, I do 🙂

When I tune in to someone I sway with their emotions. I feel their anger, want to cry their tears…

I simply observe myself.

I am confident that I know whose feelings I’m feeling because I TRUST myself.

I sense their ailments physically too.

My knee will ache, or my chest feels tight or suddenly it appears that I’ve gone totally deaf in one ear!

I simply observe myself and the sensations in my body.

I know which belongs to me and those that are fleeting and transient and belong to another.

Because I use my Reiki energy on myself and because I trust myself, I’m confident and self-assured.

I’m firm and self-centred. I’m calm and steadfast. 🙂

Just because my clients got cancer and I can sense it in my body too, it doesn’t mean that I now have the same cancer!

Just because my client has some infectious disease and I have touched them, it doesn’t mean that I’ll get it too!

And believe me, I know that for a fact…

…as I worked in an infectious diseases unit in London for a couple of years and never caught anything 🙂

I’d suggest that you only use your Reiki energy on yourself, for yourself, until you become very ‘familiar’ with your own expression of your Reiki.

In knowing yourself so well, you’ll never FEAR catching the flux in someone else’s energy.

For that is all it is – a disturbance in their energy signature. 🙂


Then it might ‘appear’ as if you’ve caught a cold because you travelled on the bus or the person sneezed at the checkout or your neighbour’s kids have something spotty!

So, address your FEAR and lack of self-confidence first and then you can really see energy for what it is.

You do not need to protect yourself either – simply to know thyself 🙂

I open myself up to divine love and wisdom 24/7 so that’s what I expect and draw to me.

Anything that’s not that – is not mine for sure.


Have a powerful Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend.

Judith 🙂




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