Should Reiki be Given for FREE..?


Good mornin’ all

Many people today think that being spiritual means you have to actively shun money and live the majority of your life trapped in abject poverty…

In fact, they truly believe, that money is the root of all evil – or at least – the love of money is.

And that’s sad – very sad indeed.

I’ve received emails from people telling me how spiritually motivated they are…

…and how dedicated they are to helping others

They then go on to tell me, usually in some great depth, how wrong people are for charging people for healing. (Namely me!)

“Healing is a God-given gift”, they say. “It should always be given for free”.

But why do they only believe this about ‘healing’ and anything to do with spirituality?

Surely, as self-confessed ‘spiritually motivated’ people…

They must be able to figure out that, ultimately, absolutely everything in life would have to be a ‘God-given gift’ too.


The accountant, with a ‘God-given gift’ for working miracles with numbers…

Or, the comedian, with a ‘God-given gift’ for making us laugh…

And, of course, the conventional doctor, also with a ‘God-given gift’ for remembering all those long, convoluted drug names and for healing us when hit by bus…

They’d all have to work for free too 🙂

But no, it’s quite okay for them to earn a living, it seems.

Apparently, it’s only us spiritual types who have to work for free – to end up poor and needy.

Somehow this is supposed to make us all the more ‘spiritual’

Well, I’m sorry, but I take great exception to this faulty way of thinking.

Our universe is a wonderfully abundant place. 🙂

There’s more than enough for absolutely everyone. 🙂

And it’s truly marvellous to share it all. 🙂

But, if you don’t have anything yourself – how can you do this?

What good can you really do, that doesn’t require at least some money?

You can’t buy medicine for anyone who needs it.
You can’t buy them any housing.
You can’t buy them any clothes.
And you can’t even buy them any food.

So, what sense does it make for us all to live in poverty?

Wouldn’t it make much more sense for all the spiritually enlightened folks to become mightily wealthy and then help others with this wealth…

It certainly does to me.

So that’s what I propose.

When an opportunity comes along to improve your life and financial situation – grab it! 🙂

When an offer of real help comes along to change your circumstances – grab it! 🙂

Nurture the spiritually rich mentality 🙂

For life becomes much freer altogether… 🙂

Just as the Universe intended it to be

I believe I have talents that are unique to me and I capitalize on them.

If you have a natural talent, then you do the same.

For when you follow your nature, and the spirit of who you are, then you love what you do, and it’s not work.

It’s a joy, it’s fun, it’s great to get out of bed in the morning.

It’s the spirit of who you are, and a clear demonstration of your innate spirituality.

And the amazing by-product of this joyful living is that you get rewarded… people pay you.

Just like a mechanic who LOVES tinkering with cars

Or a landscape gardener who LOVES working with plants.

Or the farmer who LOVES and cares for the land.

If the mechanic fixes my car – I pay him.

If the gardener makes my garden beautiful – I pay him.

If the farmer grows my food – I pay him.

Because what goes around comes around, and money is a currency that works best when it flows freely.

If a priest says mass, he gets paid

If the doctor heals you, he gets paid.

I’ve spoken about giving and receiving before.

I cannot give, if I cannot graciously receive as well.

It’s as simple as that.

Being spiritually poor or otherwise poor, sucks and does no-one any good.

Quite frankly it’s as far from being spiritual as you can get.

Remember, if you really want to help others, to give generously, not just of your time – but to really make a difference – then look out for opportunities that lift you up and give you financial freedom.

Financial freedom gives you the power to change things for the better.

Don’t knock it, or those who have it…

Embrace it and follow their example 🙂

Imagine what you could do with a few million 🙂

And don’t say, “I’d give it all to charity”, that’s shirking your responsibilities and passing the buck!

That’s giving away your power, let alone the power to help others because you consider yourself ‘poor and unworthy’…

You’re still a beggar.

Which is an insult to the Divine! The Universe is rolling its eyes! 🙂

Charity begins at home – with YOU!

So, get up off your knees…

A truly spiritual person is wholly responsible for their actions, and they don’t give their power to anyone.

A truly spiritual person is a leader…

Strong, supportive, loving and has a generous heart and nature. 🙂

They’re spiritual because they live by the nature of their spirit.

I know which type of spiritual person I’d rather be 🙂

But it always comes down to personal choice.

So, remember, when opportunity knocks to change your life – grab hold of it.

When an opportunity knocks that feels right for you – grab hold of it.

When opportunity knocks to further you financially, don’t shun it…

Embrace it, have fun, enjoy, laugh and that in itself, will start to change the world.


Have a powerful Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend.

Judith 🙂




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