Six Levels of Reiki..?


Good morning all,

Just a quickie today because it’s Chris’s birthday weekend! 🙂

Q – Of late I came across a person who was talking about the six levels of Reiki? Is there anything like that? Can you please enlighten me on this?

A – Now, this is only my opinion of course – but this person sounds slightly deluded to me! 🙂

There aren’t 6 levels of Reiki – unless, of course, YOU say there are – and YOU want there to be.

But, come on, just STOP for a minute and think about it for a moment.

There is only One Energy – it is YOU and YOU are it.

You are the all of everything 🙂

You are your Reiki Energy and Reiki Energy is YOU.

Actually – you could divide yourself up into little sections for ever and ad infinitum, if you so wish – but it begs the question, why would you want to?

No, this person seems to be pandering to their ego.

A kind of, “I’ve got 6 levels and you’ve only got 1,2,3…”

…therefore, my Reiki is better than your Reiki… really?

It’s complete silliness – and shows a total lack of knowledge about energy – but it does show how vulnerable some people are to these kind of shenanigans.

So, beware of folks who brag that bigger is better! 🙂

Have a powerful, all inclusive, perfick Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend…

Birthday chocolate anyone?

See, you can make your own decisions about important questions 🙂


Judith 🙂

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