Stating Your Reiki Intention

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Stating Your Reiki Intention

Q… What is the correct phonetic pronunciation of ‘Usui’?

And my answer…

A… It’s pronounced: You – Sue – Eee 🙂 Which is:

You… as in you and me.

Sue… as in the Johnny Cash song, and…

Eee… as in “Eee by ‘eck as like, Eckersly!”… ha ha ha!

OK, better do a ‘proper’ sounding question this time and no funny replies… ha ha ha!

The question…

Q… I used the Distance healing symbol to perform Reiki on my business and my family. Do I need to do the distance healing daily until I see results, or is once enough?

And my answer…

A… The more often you do the Reiki the more intention you are putting out there for the success of your business and the health and happiness of your family.

It acts like a constant beacon flashing…

But you can do it just the once and ‘set’ your intention.

If only doing it the once, then perhaps it would be best to write down your intentions for your business on a piece of paper and then draw the symbols out on the paper too.

Then put the piece of paper somewhere safe or in your sacred space.

You could also stand a Reiki charged crystal on your paper and that will constantly radiate out the intention of your Reiki energy.

Do whichever way feels good to you 🙂

Then, every time you think about your intentions for your business, simply smile and know that everything has been set in motion.

Then all you have to do is dream big and TRUST whatever the outcome is.

I could ramble on about Reiki crystal grids and posting your message in the box but I do like to just keep things plain and simple, as that is what works best for me.

But there’s absolutely no reason why you cannot do more convoluted rituals…

…if those are the ones that best work for, and inspire, you 🙂

Chuffin grand 🙂

Judith 🙂

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