Stopped Moving Forward With Reiki

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Stopped Moving Forward With Reiki

Q…I seemed to have stopped moving forward in the Reiki Training.. I need some clarification please.

I started going thru the online tutorials.. read sections 1 and 2.. next was to come the attunement. I didn’t feel ready. I hadn’t even completed reading the mini 7 part course.. so I went back and read those.

So now I am back to beginning section 3, the attunement.

A… Hi P…

Why do you want to ‘do’ Reiki? What do you ‘intend’ to do with it once you have attuned yourself?

The Ultimate Reiki Package contains mountains of information and this can be overwhelming.

So, for now, just concentrate on what you need to do to accomplish doing your self-attunement.

After that you have your whole life to mold your Reiki energy into what YOU want it to achieve 🙂

Q… When do I read the Reiki Radical Life book?

A… The whole ‘Ultimate Reiki Package’ site is based on the Radical Life book split up into sections but if you go to the download section you can download the book in it’s entirety.

Perhaps you would comprehend things better if you started that way.

Q… what is the attunement for?

A… The Reiki ritual of attunement is to assist you in recognising that part of you, which is already Reiki.

If your intention is that you are a Reiki Master, then you are. You then showed your commitment by doing the ceremony with a focussed intention.

The Reiki symbols and rituals are keys to, use, demonstrate and feel this energy, this Reiki energy… inside and out.

But YOU are the power… YOU are the ONE energy behind it all.

Q… Is it the end when I become a Reiki Master?

A… Far from it! It is simply the first step on your own personal journey to becoming more of who you are 🙂

Q… I feel dumb asking these questions

A… Never… it takes courage to appear foolish 🙂 But only the brave of heart get anywhere in life 🙂

Q… I want to go thru this with the best possible experience.

A… It will be what it will be… which will be perfect for you at the time 🙂

Q… What do I do next?

A… You decide 🙂

Never give your power away to anyone… Your choices and decisions have all brought you to this very moment in time… with power comes a personal knowing of ‘response-ability’.

Respond to your hearts desire… which is that which makes you feel good, that which would be fun for YOU.


Ooooh-eeerrrr! A bit of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding makes me ‘feel good’ right down to my toes 🙂

Nothing like a full tummy in cold weather to make you feel contented, like a cat with cream… ha ha ha!

Now I know a lot of you enjoy my chatting and have often said how pertinent the subject is each week. To me that just proves how connected we all are… One Energy and all that… ha ha ha!

But when I write something in a way that you can FEEL it, then that is real communication.

And the art of expressing ourselves articulately is sadly being lost…

We want to say something but it just comes out wrong… we are at a loss for words… and if we cannot communicate our inner feelings, our wants and desires then the flame of love often fades.

Or as Girls Aloud might say…”The promise I made is beginning to fade”… ha ha ha!

And that’s what’s happening to many of you right now it seems… as I’m getting more and more emails telling me of the sad breakdowns in their present relationships and asking if there is anything they can do to prevent it.

Now, I’m a great believer in following your heart in matters of the heart. Heavens I wouldn’t be here today if I had not followed my heart… ha ha ha!

…but, sometimes, advice of a more practical nature is most definitely called for…

…and, in a quite serendipitously wonderful manner, this beautiful little book was highly recommended to me for just this purpose.

Click Here To Take A Look At The Magic Of Making Up

And I’d like to highly recommend it to you too.

It gives you all the answers, advice and methods you’ll ever need to really fix your relationship troubles.

In fact it even goes so far as to give you ‘The Magic Second Chance Letter’ – a letter that is ALREADY written for you to help you repair your relationship… and it’s a letter that works.

So, if your relationship is in trouble… if you want to ‘make up before you break-up’… you need this book …

Click Here To Take A Look At The Magic Of Making Up

Have a good week folks…

Judith 🙂

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