“When Reiki Was Introduced To The Western World The Most Vital Ingredient of This Beautiful Art Was Deliberately Left Out…”

And this outrageous behaviour has left every western Reiki practitioner struggling with the merest fraction of Reiki’s exquisite potential

Dear Reiki friend

It’s no secret that if you want to become the best Reiki practitioner you can possibly be…

…you just have to have first class training.

And, whilst there are some truly great Reiki Masters out there they’re not actually teaching you genuine Reiki.

Why? Because almost…

Every Western Reiki Master has been deceived

In fact they’ve been totally cheated!

They’ve been led to believe that the entirety of Reiki can be accessed through a basic initiation ceremony.

But it’s just not true.

Let me explain…

When present day Reiki was rediscovered by Mikao Usui in the late 1800’s, it was as a personal spiritual practice…

…a spiritual system for self realization based on meditation!

It was not a system of healing at all – in fact…

Reiki was never meant to be a healing therapy

The ability to heal was only ever a side effect – a wonderful side effect to be sure – but a side effect nonetheless.

But, unfortunately, it was this side effect that captured the imagination; some say the wallets, of those who brought Reiki to the Western world…

…so Reiki as just a simple, powerful form of healing – was born.

So why was the hugely important, self-realization feature of Reiki completely wiped out?

Because they thought reaching Reiki mastery through daily meditation could never find acceptance in our high speed Western World.

And you know something? They were probably right!

For back then the only known way of meditating was by sitting still for hours on end each day and for twenty odd years or so too.

Wow, just the very thought of that is so mind numbingly boring it’s no wonder they left it out…

…but – thank goodness – that’s not the way of it anymore…

Right now you can learn to…

Meditate deeply in just 30 minutes a day

Okay, here’s the science bit – so please don’t fall asleep 🙂

You see, your brain is always on the go – it never stops – and it operates at different speeds dependent on what you’re actually doing.

So, if you’re doing something demanding it’s working quite quickly…

…if you’re just sitting quietly it begins to slow down.

And it’s these various ‘brain speeds’ – called brain wave frequencies – that are so remarkable.

For if you can learn to slow them right down – without actually nodding off…

You can dramatically improve your Reiki – and your life – beyond all recognition

And I’m going to show you exactly how you can easily do this yourself in just a few moments, but first let me introduce myself.

My name’s Judith Conroy, best-selling author and founder of Chikara-Reiki-Do, the unique Reiki self-attunement system.

I’m a long time Reiki Master, psychic and medical intuitive, and I’ve been teaching spiritual growth for over thirty five years…

…and it’s all this knowledge and experience that’s been poured into my:

Strengthening Your Connection To Reiki Meditation…

…which will slowly, gently and infallibly guide your brain to the precise frequencies – the correct depths of meditation – Usui was advocating all those years ago.

How does it do this?

Well, I’ve taken the most cutting edge, brainwave entrainment techniques of Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones, incorporated them into a beautiful, unobtrusive sound track…

To produce a truly magical way of accessing the profound levels of meditation Usui thought essential.

What others have said about my Meditations

I love the meditation packages! Despite my deafness on the left side, they are truly changing my life! I took your advice and placed the left side of the headphones flat against the bone behind my left ear.

I found improved brain stimulation that had been lacking since my brain surgery.

Truly wonderful – Thank You!

Cherie Whitney-Noyes

Earlier this afternoon I purchased your Reiki Riches Meditation. In my estimation it was absolutely wonderful. I just wanted to let you know I appreciate all the knowledge you pass on and “I simply just love you!”

Lana McBride

I purchased your beautiful ‘Ultimate Chakra Balancing Meditation’ and wanted to say that I absolutely love it.

It is very beautiful and the balance and energy that I feel when or from listening to it is incredible.

Thank you for creating and sharing this amazing experiential tool.


Debra Smith

So, what is brainwave entrainment?

Imagine sitting on a beach on a quiet summers evening…

…someone’s lit a comforting fire and you’re just lazily staring into the flickering flames.

Deep melodic drum beats start up and before you know it you’re slowly drifting off into a beautiful, dreamy, trance like state.

Well, that’s the rudiments of brainwave entrainment…

Your brain has latched onto those measured, rhythmic, drumming sounds, and slowed itself down to match that same frequency…

…taking you into a wonderfully meditative space!

Binaural Beats and the newer Isochronic Tones do exactly the same thing

So, what exactly are they?

They’re the modern day equivalent of listening to that slow, rhythmic, sound of the drums…

…but instead of using drum beats to carry you into meditation, it’s all done through sophisticated audio technology.

So, in fact, there’s no druming at all!

(Okay here’s another science bit – but you know the drill by now 🙂 )

Binaural Beats work like this…

If you play a pure tone of a certain frequency, at say 100 cycles per second, into one ear…

…and play another pure tone of maybe 110 cycles per second into your other ear.

Your brain combines these two tones and creates a pulse or ‘beat’ of 10 cycles per second – the difference between the two tones – and then slows down – or entrains – to match this frequency.

Isochronic Tones…

Utilise identical entrainment principles but guide you to the same levels using just one tone instead of two…

…making it quite unnecessary for listeners to use stereo headphones as they have to do with Binaural Beats!

But both techniques work exceedingly well…

And, because they can be used simultaneously to take you quickly and easily into all four of the commonly talked about states of consciousness…

…Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta – without you falling asleep…

…I’ve combined them both together in my beautiful Rock Solid Reiki Meditation Package along with some powerful subliminal Reiki affirmations too.

So, what else can I expect from my meditation?

Well there’s a burgeoning body of evidence showing that regular meditation can help…

  • Awaken psychic abilities
  • Increase your intelligence
  • Develop latent abilities
  • Reduce stress & lower blood pressure
  • Wipe out negative behaviour
  • Eliminate depression and much, much more besides…

…and when you add all this to the fact that you’ll finally be using Reiki in the way it was originally intended by Usui…

You’re in one of those win, win positions you plainly can’t ignore.

Okay, you’ve convinced me…

How do I get my own Strengthening Your Connection To Reiki Meditation?

Simplicity itself…

Just click on the big red button below…

…and you’ll instantly be taken through to my totally secure order page.

Then, just follow the very simple instructions to make your purchase.

And, as the meditation comes in MP3 format you’ll be able to download it to your computer straight away…

…no matter what time of the day or night it is.

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That’s my Personal Promise to You.

Get instant access to the Strengthening Your Connection To Reiki Meditation now for just $27

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Note: the Strengthening Your Connection To Reiki Meditation is a digital product. After your payment, you gain immediate access.

WARNING:This meditation is not suitable for those who experience epilepsy!

And you’ll be downloading your incredible Meditation in just moments.

Then all you have to do is transfer it to your MP3 player (or use your computer’s Audio Player) pop on your headphones…

Sit or lie down comfortably – click play and you’ll be on your way to the genuine Reiki Usui developed, and all the other benefits meditation can bring too.

Here’s to genuine, intuitive Reiki for all

Judith Conroy

Don’t forget, Reiki – as it stands in the western world today, is not the Reiki that Usui originally intended. Genuine Reiki is an intuitive system of self-realization through meditation and my Rock Solid Reiki Meditation will reveal it all to you.