Can It Really Be This Easy To Change Every Area of Your Life!!??

Others are truly getting incredible advantages… why not you??

Dear Reader

What would you say if I offered to help you quickly, easily and, most importantly, effortlessly…

  • Reduce stress & lower blood pressure
  • Eliminate depression
  • Increase intelligence
  • Wipe out negative behaviour
  • Develop latent abilities
  • Awaken intuition & psychic abilities
  • Deeply relax and heal you

And by easily, quickly and effortlessly I mean spending just 15 wonderful minutes a day…

…doing nothing more than listening to some relaxing music!

Want to know more?

Well, all the benefits mentioned above, plus lots more too, comes from regular meditation.

Now don’t go rushing off…

I don’t mean the old fashioned way of meditating which takes years and years and hours and hours of daily dedication to see any results…

No, no, no, that really is old hat!

I mean taking advantage of a much more sophisticated way of quickly and easily getting the same results

I mean…

15 Minute Fix Meditations

You see, meditation has truly entered the modern age – and 15 minutes per day really is all you need.

Yes, it’s absolutely true!

A 15 minute meditation infused with the remarkable properties of Binaural Beats (brainwave entrainment), subliminal affirmations and relaxing music…

…really is quite enough to bring about genuine change!

Here’s how it works

You just sit, or lie down in a comfortable, quiet, location where you won’t be disturbed, put on your headphones…

…close your eyes, breathe calmly, relax and just listen…

Everything will be taken care of by listening to the recording.

The Binaural Beats will gently take you on a relaxing journey from your fully alert state to one of quiet contemplation…

And the positive, subliminal affirmations will gently and easily be absorbed by your subconscious mind to effortlessly bring the improvements you desire.

So, what is brainwave entrainment?

Imagine sitting on a beach on a quiet summers evening…

…someone’s lit a comforting fire and you’re just lazily staring into the flickering flames.

Deep melodic drum beats start up and before you know it you’re slowly drifting off into a beautiful, dreamy, trance like state.

Well, that’s the rudiments of brainwave entrainment…

Your brain has latched onto those measured, rhythmic, drumming sounds, and slowed itself down to match that same frequency…

…taking you into a wonderfully meditative space!

Binaural Beats do exactly the same thing

So, what exactly are they?

Well, they’re the modern day equivalent of listening to that slow, rhythmic, sound of the drums…

…but instead of using drum beats to carry you into meditation, it’s all done through sophisticated audio technology.

So, in fact, there’s no drumming at all!

Binaural Beats work like this…

If you play a pure tone of a certain frequency, at say 100 cycles per second, into one ear…

…and play another pure tone of maybe 110 cycles per second into your other ear.

Your brain combines these two tones and creates a pulse or ‘beat’ of 10 cycles per second – the difference between the two tones – and then slows down – or entrains – to match this frequency.

So, here’s your first 15 minute fix…

Stress is rapidly becoming the modern-day plague of everyday life.

And it comes at you, non-stop, from absolutely everywhere:

  • Work related or, indeed, having no work at all related
  • Personal relationship or having no relationship
  • Family, friends, children
  • Finances, always having too little of
  • Too much to do or maybe having nothing to do at all

To name just a few!

So, it’s vital to get your unwanted stress under control – and that’s exactly where your 15 Minute Stress-Buster Fix Meditation comes in.

Get the 15 Minute Fix – Stress Buster Meditation now for just $17

Note: the 15 Minute Fix – Stress Buster Meditation is a digital product. After your payment, you gain immediate access to the meditation.

WARNING:This meditation is not suitable for those who experience epilepsy!

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So, you’ve nothing to lose but your ordinary life…

That’s my Personal Promise to You.