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Good mornin’ all…

Been a funny old week this week.

There’s been a lot of going in one direction and ending up back at square one!

Our neighbours went away but only got up the road when the car broke down and they had to come home again.

We started going off in one direction too but it got so convoluted we stopped and came back to square one again.

But instead of worrying and getting all frustrated because things didn’t go smoothly and just the way we envisioned, we did a lot of walking and talking and actually discovered more about Eyemouth 🙂

Our new favourite walk is down and around the harbour:

Image 1

And we have found several versions of this walk. Some are much longer than others but all are revitalising 🙂

I know this all sounds so simple and ordinary to most of you but some of you may recall how poorly I was when we first moved here and I couldn’t walk out the door, let alone all around the harbour and along the sea front!

Patience, perseverance, loads of Reiki and a strong self-belief have won the day!

Never give in, never surrender! 🙂

We have always found walking and talking together stimulates our creativity and we dream our dreams and plan and plot a course for our future – always walking towards a new horizon, literally and symbolically 🙂

What Usui discovered, although he might not have seen it as such back then, was that there are only two emotions and we only act or react from one or the other…

Love or Fear!

Fear is a very low frequency vibration that keeps you in ignorance and slavery.

Whereas LOVE is a high frequency which reveals all and sets you FREE.

Reiki is not mystical – it’s just another name for LOVE 🙂

So, use your Reiki every day to open your heart.

As an open heart profoundly affects your awareness, perception and intelligence for the better 🙂

These boots were made for walking…

Until next week…

Judith. 🙂

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