Teaching Miracles


Good morning all!

They say – those that can’t do, teach!

So, can YOU teach Reiki or does that mean you can’t really DO it yourself?

I prefer to say – if you really want to know about a thing and really learn how to DO something or how a thing really works, THEN ‘DO’ TEACH IT!

Of course YOU can teach! If you’re a woman…!

You’re a natural teacher, a sharer of wisdom. Women share everything – new recipes, tips about everything under the sun, child care, special offers in the shops, home remedies, whatever!

And if you’re a man, you’re just as talented at teaching too

You naturally show what you can do to others. If you didn’t then there’d be no bridges, houses, canals systems, boats or cars!

Teaching is not about ‘lessons’ learnt in school, it’s about leading by example.

Simply DO what you love and others will pick it up by following your example and putting their own unique spin on it.

And it’s the same with Reiki

Just DO it and BE yourself!

And as you practice Reiki on yourself and for yourself, then so others will be drawn to you, so they can do the same.

They ‘sense’ your calm and relaxed energy and want that for themselves too.

All you have to do is share what it is you’re doing, to access this wonderful serenity they sense.

But you’ll also find, that even though you’re the ‘teacher’, you’re also always the student too.

Because in sharing your wisdom, skills and talents with others, you’ll find it’s YOU who expands, who opens up further to your own divine love and deeper wisdom

And as you share what you’ve learned, your own EXPERIENCES evolve and when others question you further, you really delve deeper into the subject, and…

Your experience expands even more, as does your knowledge and knowingness of the subject.

No matter how much you try to teach others – it’s always YOU who learns more:

For there is only One Energy!

And in sharing yourself with others, you’ll really come to understand this and KNOW it to be so.

So, if you really want to understand the workings of Reiki energy in general or, more importantly, YOUR Reiki energy specifically, then teach someone else about it.

Explain it to others – in your own words and from your own direct experience.

SHARE both your Reiki energy and your personal Reiki experiences.

For, there’s nothing better or more confidence building than direct EXPERIENCE.

Not the second hand, pass me down, this is how it’s supposed to be done blah, blah!

YOU do it and experience it for yourself

Words Don’t Teach – Experience Does…

And, as you teach, YOU get to experience the subject more deeply and more personally too…

…because the challenges and questions which inevitably arise stretch your understandings into a profound knowingness.

I share my Reiki ‘know-how’ with you, and I DO know how, but it’s up to you what you do with my words and how you create your own experiences from here on in.

Because even though the Chikara-Reiki-Do method of Reiki self-attunement and self-empowerment is a very powerful course in its own right…

My words alone will mean nothing…

If you don’t take them and put them into a physical experience for yourself.

Then your body will hold the memory and make the experience real for you

Yes, Chikara-Reiki-Do is a miracle in courses, for sure, but the real miracle in the course is simply and elegantly – YOU!!!

Have a wonderful weekend…

Judith 🙂


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