Thank Goodness For Reiki

Thank Goodness For Reiki

Balance… it’s sometimes such a fragile concept isn’t it? And one I don’t want to wobble unnecessarily… ha ha ha!!!

So I whisper when I say the sun is shining as I write this 🙂

Yesterday was also sunny for most of the day too but early this morning, after the clear night, there was a definite autumnal nip in the air.

But, it promises to be a lovely day today, and we will enjoy it outside for a change 🙂

The floods that have been happening here in the UK are much further south to us, more in the middle of England.

Up here we are more in the clouds than under them 🙂

Now, where are we in terms of our imminent move? Well, it feels like we are living in an airport at the moment.

You know the feeling – you’ve got your bags packed but the flight has been delayed… ha ha ha!!!

There is a sense of excitement and restraint at the same time…

A kind of… ‘wait for it’… ‘just a minute’… ‘on your marks’ – but the starting pistol hasn’t gone off yet… ha ha ha!!!

Still, we’re raring to go – any day now.

But the nice thing is… the house we’re living in now has been sold to a lovely couple from Scotland. He was a farm manager and is now retiring and they both love this house. It’s about time this lovely house had some serious loving. It has so much potential…

We are all set, fingers crossed, to move on the 7th August. It is not totally finalised yet but it seems to be the day everyone agrees upon 🙂

More balancing to do I suppose… like walking a fine line between doing and being, action and non action.

Excitement and relaxation… swim or float 🙂

That’s what is so champion about Reiki…

I can instantly relax and calm my inner being by simply putting my hands on my heart chakra and solar plexus and run some Reiki for a moment or two.

It not only relaxes me but it stills the fidgeting inside too 🙂

And I can quite easily do this as often as I like during the day.

I do it for a moment when reading my emails, waiting for the the meal to cook or just watching TV…

It’s simple to do first thing in the morning and last thing at night too.

You could also do it on the train or bus, at the traffic lights, or the checkout queue… ha ha ha!!!

It doesn’t have to be a grand event, more a discreet placing of your hands which puts your body into ‘rest and recharge’ mode.

It’s a wonderful thing and I’m thankful to have this ability at my fingertips, instantly.

Cos, you just never know when the boat of life will rock you 🙂

But if and when it does, you can quickly use your Reiki to find your still centre.

From that vantage point you are relaxed and ready at the same time.

Perfect 🙂

Okay then, I’m ready for Geoff’s Sunday Lunch now… ha ha ha!!!

This will be our last but one and I know it will be hard to replace Geoff’s cooking… but I’ll do my best… ha ha ha!!!

It will also be an adventure finding new places to try 🙂

Swings and roundabouts as my Mother used to say…

So I think our next book should be about tearooms around Britain 🙂

For you meet the very nicest people in tearooms.

“More tea Vicar”…

Have a perfectly wonderful Sunday.


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