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The Best Reiki

Now, someone asked me recently which is the ‘best’ Reiki?

Well, there are so many methods of Reiki nowadays it literally makes your head spin 🙂

But in truth, there is no one Reiki better than the next…

There is only the one which works ‘best’ for YOU.

You see, all the different types of Reiki are simply methods of manipulating the One Energy… which is also YOU.

So, if you love angels, then you’ll find you connect well to Angel Reiki.

If you prefer complicated, convoluted rituals and plenty of ‘signs and symbols’ then finding such a Reiki may very well suit YOU the best.

If you like traditional, then Usui Reiki maybe for YOU.

If you are artistic then maybe Rainbow Reiki, which sounds much more colourful, may be the right one for YOU.

If you like plain and simple, straight from the hip, no messing, and personally empowering then perhaps we are for YOU.

But can YOU see the common thread here?

It’s all about YOU!

And when you find a Reiki method that feels right to YOU, one that YOU connect to, it will expand YOU…

…making you more of who YOU are.

And you’ll sense a real expansion of your energy, a flow of something, a deep knowing…

The best Reiki becomes so, because it brings out the best in YOU 🙂

For there is no best Reiki, only the best YOU.

YOU are the Reiki and the Reiki is an expression of YOU.

So TRUST YOURSELF IMPLICITLY, to intuitively know which Reiki method will bring out the best in YOU 🙂

Judith 🙂

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