Thinking Like a Reiki Master

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Thinking Like a Reiki Master

Good mornin’ all… we interrupt our normal programme for a very important announcement.

And it is very, very important…


Well, we don’t usually concern ourselves with matters of this nature – we know all about how it goes on, of course, and don’t usually write about it…

But, today, we’re making an exception.

What am I talking about?

Swine flu! Yes swine flu, because now it’s going way beyond being just a silly sickness not worthy of concerning yourself with.

Because, after all…

…ordinary common or garden, seasonal flu kills hundreds of thousands of people every single year, and nobody bats an eyelid…

But now, it seems, things may be taking a quite ugly turn for the worse.

Now, it’s become more about the vaccine and not the virus!

So, we’d like you to take a long look at the following videos and then, at least, you’ll have the chance of making up your own mind.

It is always best to see both sides of the story, for there is always TWO sides…

You see, I never had my son DC vaccinated as a child because I firmly believe in the ability of the human body to do a much better job of protecting itself than some foreign poison, so often introduced under duress, can ever do.

And my beliefs have been borne out as he’s never been sick, or been to a doctor in his life – and he’s now a strapping 22 year old.

Look, the human body is a fantastic machine that is wholly capable of regenerating, replenishing and rejuvenating itself continuously without any interference from us or anyone else.

And, call me old fashioned 🙂 but I believe in fresh air and SUNSHINE to create a healthy and HAPPY individual in both mind and body.

Fresh food simply cooked or raw… not chemically enhanced or synthesized.

Fresh clean water…

Oh, and cake and chocolate in moderation too, of course 🙂

And you won’t go far wrong.

So, why are doctors always trying to fix something that works perfectly..?

And your body will work perfectly if you love it, nurture it and leave it to get on with the task.

So please, love yourself enough NOT to allow someone else to inject it with toxic, untested poisons – poisons which may ultimately maim or kill you.

Okay, that’s it for this week – please, please do watch all 8 videos, they are very informative.

live long and prosper!!!

Judith 🙂

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