Trusting Reiki

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Trusting Reiki

Q… When one feels broken and not free, is it appropriate to work just on oneself?

I feel that there are certain people that it is necessary for me to send Reiki to regularly and I feel that it is selfish and morally wrong for me to NOT send them Reiki regularly – somehow like my sending them Reiki is preventing something bad from happening to them.

However, I also feel that sending them Reiki is preventing enough Reiki from getting to me to fix ME.

I know that the blocks in my life are simply fear and I have had many reasons in my life for that fear to take hold.

I work on my self-worth but recently, just when I really had a breakthrough in that, I was made redundant.

I felt very secure and happy, that I had finally reached a place in my life where I felt worthy of this good job. It brought in enough money to cover the huge debts my ex-husband left me with and everything was rosy.

Now the part of me that believes in my self-worth, feels that this redundancy was to make way for something better and more in line with my purpose…

But the fear keeps asking me – “what if I am wrong about that?”

How many years of work on oneself does it take to eradicate the fear and do you have any clues on how to speed it up?

Do I need to search back through the various incidents to find the root of the fear?

I tried that with one type of therapy and got more and more fearful as the memories came back 🙁

I don’t like living back there with all the causes of the fear – I have worked hard to move on but the fear remains.

Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.

And my answer…

A… Life is so like the weather sometimes – we duck in and out of the showers and grumble because we need the rain but don’t like to get wet… ha ha ha!

Often we find situations or experiences happening to us and we complain because that is not what we wanted.

And yes, maybe it’s not something we want now – but it’s still something WE created. No-one else does it for us you know, so…

Trust yourself 🙂

The Universe does work in mysterious ways and always to our benefit, if we would only let it!

Trust yourself 🙂

For there are NO accidents EVER, not ever, even to me or you!

Trust yourself 🙂

We create it all… showers an’ all.

The showers freshen everything up and gives us a new perspective.

Trust yourself 🙂

If your partner runs off with someone else, then somewhere inside, YOU wanted out of the relationship too.

But you are the one who can save face because you can blame the other party 🙂

Trust yourself 🙂

That relationship was not the one you really wanted. It did not give you all you desired and any attempt to ‘fix it’ was simply a ‘make do and mend’ patch up job.

Now you are free to choose a new, more suitable partner or no partner at all if you prefer 🙂

Trust yourself 🙂

Cats and dogs make excellent companions too 🙂

If your job comes to a close for one reason or another, then on one level YOU have chosen to make space in your life to take a different turn.

To travel a new road…

To express yourself more creatively!

And don’t worry about the lack of money!!!

What you focus on is what you get… so don’t focus on the money aspect, focus on where you want to go and how you would like to do that…

Trust yourself 🙂

If money can fix it, then you really don’t have a problem… 🙂


Go to interviews, walk in off the street and ask a company for a job! Show grit and determination, with a smile and a sense of humour 🙂

Simply go straight for what you do want… and don’t stop going until you achieve it 🙂

Trust yourself 🙂

And why do you feel guilty about looking out for Number One???

There is only One energy. YOU are the ALL off it.

YOU have to feel whole and complete because you have given yourself enough Reiki love, honour and respect.

It is no good sending someone some half-hearted Reiki, which feels second rate, because you begrudge giving it.

Love, Honour and Respect YOURSELF first 🙂

Always look out for YOU first and everyone else next…

Then what you apparently share, is given whole-heartedly, with love and an overflowing of abundant good feeling 🙂

No-one is ‘better than’, simply different.

Trust your heart which is whispering to you and never mind what your head says!

I’m a great believer in… “It doesn’t matter where you’ve been; it only matters where you’re going”

No good regretting what has already been and gone.

No good sitting and feeling sorry for yourself either!

Just trust yourself 🙂

Because “Just for Today”…

You have a roof over your head, some food on your table and a couple of bob (English slang for money) in your pocket 🙂

That in itself is amazing and you – YOU – provided it all.

Why doubt yourself suddenly?

You can only get better and more experienced at doing it 🙂

Trust yourself 🙂

So, here and now, make a picnic up. Jam sandwiches with no butter if necessary… ha ha ha!

Bless your food and drink with Reiki 🙂

Go out and celebrate in nature. Treat yourself to some bird song or the crash of the waves!

Silently sit and give yourself a Reiki treatment. Stretch out your Reiki energy and blend yourself with all the energy around you.

Lie down and float on that passing cloud…

Give yourself a big thank-you and smile with anticipation at your next adventure 🙂

You are FREE, totally FREE…

You are not your hair-do, not a coin of the realm, not a job description or a uniform…

You are Universal Energy, a fully Enlightened, Spiritual Being…

…here to express your fun side!

You are Infinite Consciousness…

TRUST yourself 🙂

Trust me on that one… ha ha ha!

Judith 🙂

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