Unbalanced Reiki Symbols

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Unbalanced Reiki Symbols

I have been reading your advice on Reiki practice in your weekly newsletter for some time now and would like to ask a question if I may

Someone has passed me a link and I have been reading ‘The search for truth–shopping for spirit part 1-3’ and have been dismayed by the authors view of The Reiki Symbols and their being ‘unbalanced’.

I have tried to put this information out of my mind but find I cannot as this – if it were true – means I have been doing it all wrong so far.

Would you care to have a look at this article and tell me your views to put my mind at rest? I admit this article is starting to worry me as i now cannot progress without advice. Thanking you

And my answer:

A… Remember – The ONLY OPINION that counts to you, is YOURS! Not mine or this other persons.

(Did you notice how in the last sentence you used a small i to represent yourself.)

Now to be honest, I have just scanned the first article. That was enough to make me realise that the author was bonkers, to me… ha ha ha! But that of course is just my opinion and I’m entitled to express it, just as they are.

I have written many times about what I perceive the symbols to be.

That’s the trouble with energy… one person says one thing and another says something different. But when push comes to shove – there is only ONE energy and it is an expression externally and internally of YOU 🙂

The names for energy, or symbols for it, are just handles to get a hold of it.

There is only ONE energy. It is you and you are it.

You are everything and everything is you.

Therefore … You are Reiki and Reiki is you.

There is no separation, duality, two of anything.

There is only YOU…

EVERYTHING is a demonstration of the ‘ONE energy’.

The Reiki ritual of attunement is to awaken you to this fact.

Practising Reiki is a key to, use, demonstrate, and feel this energy – inside and out.

But YOU are the power… YOU are the energy.

NOT the symbols! The symbols have absolutely no power other than what YOU give to them!

They are simply tools to help get you going and you will find that once you have learnt the symbols and become familiar with them, then gradually they will drop away of their own accord and you will be more able to sense your own energy and how to manoeuvre it without their help.

Quote from the aforementioned site:

“Now this simple example of how the Reiki symbol creates imbalance ceases to be my truth and becomes a scientific empirical fact and as such, we can all learn from it without giving our power away to somebody else’s belief or truth.”

And my reply is:

So do not give your power away to their empirical opinions either!

Everything stems from your intention. Including the scientist’s results.

If someone else looks for the exact opposite response, then the simple action of focussing their intention in that direction will produce the said result. It can be no other way.

I TRUST you 🙂

Now you trust yourself.

If what they say resonates right for you, right now, then take that information and use it.

Test it out and see what happens for YOU 🙂

My only rule of thumb is ‘if it works for you, it is right for you’ 🙂

You have not been doing anything ‘wrong’. You were simply doing your Reiki in a way that worked for you.

Now perhaps you may wish to try using it in another way, perhaps without using any of the symbols at all – and your Reiki will still work beautifully.

But, if you really do wish to judge, then I would say both ways are valid 🙂

Just don’t make everything rigid and bound.

Remember energy flows, so go with your flow and see where it takes you.

There are no accidents ever and this came to your attention because maybe it feels right to you, right now 🙂

With Reiki you start with no symbols, then you ‘advance’ and use symbols, then you become one with your own energy and no symbols are necessary again.

First knowledge, then knowing 🙂

I hope this reassures you and puts YOU firmly back in the driving seat.

Plus do read lots of the previous Sunday Chats and articles for more insight into the symbols etc.

Until next week…

Judith 🙂

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