Uplifting Reiki or an Inspiring Movie

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Would you like uplifting Reiki or an inspiring movie?

Okay, so we hear about all the doom and gloom stuff but never about the happy ending stuff!

We also hear about all the doom and gloom stuff but can’t thread it together coherently enough to formulate a plan of action.

But, why don’t you put your feet up and relax back with some chocolates, and watch this incredible movie which delivers both in a very agreeable manner. 🙂

It straightens out the doom and gloom stuff into easy to understand bite size chunks and then delivers a happy ending with positive solutions we can all partake in.

Thrive – The Movie:

The movie is feature length so make sure it’s a big box of chocolates 🙂


If you would prefer a regular question, then here’s one for you too.

The question:

Q…Hello, I will try to be to the point. I recently agreed to let my sister, who is learning Reiki, do a distance “treatment” to me. I was sceptical but open minded. I have gone through hypnosis in the past and used those techniques to get in a proper state of mind.

The experience was extreme!

I felt an intense feeling of euphoria and laughed uncontrollably. Tears flowed from my eyes. Prisms of light seemed to cascade down to me and at one point I felt as if I were floating over a red surface.

This was amazing.

The one thing that was disconcerting was a discomfort in my chest. It felt as though I had a heavy weight on my chest. This feeling was so strong that I nearly brought myself out of this experience.

Afterward I was still feeling off and my chest still felt strange. It took a least an hour to feel close to normal.

When telling this to my sister she told me that she felt a very strong energy when she was working around my chest area, and felt she needed to leave there. I have been able to tap into that euphoric feeling with ease since this treatment. I felt compelled to go further with discovering Reiki. Almost as if being drawn into it.

My concern is the intense feeling I experienced during the treatment. I am not too excited about having those symptoms again. I hope this makes some sense to you and you could offer some insight.

Thank you for your time. I know…that was a loooong point 🙂

And my answer:

A…The pleasure part you have already been able to experience again but rest assured that the pain side of things will never be quite that intense again. 🙂

You see, something shifted in you, that’s all.

Now, as pain is often associated with guilt, perhaps you had a long ago ‘heart’ experience which left you feeling not so good about yourself.

Who knows?

But you don’t need to know or remember or relive anything… just take a deep breath, relax and let go.

Then, each time you work on your chest area the resistance, tension and FEAR will diminish until you feel like a fireman who can fill his lungs to capacity and more.

And, as you fill yourself with the ‘breath of life’ and move on from some forgotten past event, you will simply feel grand 🙂

Just focus on the pleasure and you will draw more pleasure to you. 🙂

It’s as simple as that…

If uncomfortable feelings, memories or thoughts come ‘up’, simply watch them, don’t judge or get involved in your head, just let them float by… and be gone.

Allowing your sister to give you more ‘practice’ Reiki sessions would be an excellent idea, both for you and her.

Then if you take up Reiki yourself, you can further enhance your clear-out and re-balancing by giving yourself a Reiki session each morning.

Champion – then you can start each day filled with the joys of Spring 🙂

Judith 🙂

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