Using Reiki to Get Pregnant


Hi, I’m Judith Conroy of Chikara-Reiki-Do and I’m answering your questions on Reiki.

So, question:

I was wondering, do you have anything you could share with me on Reiki to assist with getting pregnant?


On the surface, this question is just about a physical interruption to becoming pregnant.

On the physical practical level, we could suggest doing Reiki specifically on the first and second chakra areas and placing your hands directly over the womb or testicles…

…and using the mental and emotional symbol in this area too.

On an emotional level, we could suggest addressing the fears of acceptance, responsibility, security, and financial wherewithal.

The Tibetan master symbol would help here.

Pregnancy is about allowing and letting go, giving and receiving.

But in truth, we need not concern ourselves with any of this when giving Reiki either to ourselves or to another.

We do not even need to know what the problem is.

For we are not going to heal the problem.

We are simply going to share energy.

Whenever we perceive a problem, it is because there is an imbalance in the energy of that person or ourselves.

All we need to do is address that imbalance by sharing or blending with our Reiki energy.

It is said that Reiki has an intelligence all of its own and will do all that is necessary to heal the problem.

I would say that nature of abhors any flux of energy that causes an imbalance and will correct any such imbalance as soon as possible.

But to help that process take place, we can draw upon our own inner energy.

We call it our Reiki energy and we can suffuse ourselves or another in it, so balance is restored.

The physical manifestation of any illness or problem is only the body giving us a clue to an emotional upset, which can be as recent or as long ago, as you can remember.

If your mother experienced a traumatic emotional event, when you were just a bump, then that would have registered too.

So, we can dig and rummage around for as long as we like and come up with all sorts of explanations for why this is happening.

Or we can simply swamp ourselves in the love and comfort of Reiki energy and restore our natural balance.

And most times it helps not to know what the problem is…

…as this can become a focus of negative intention by accident.

You see, by focusing on getting pregnant in an ‘I can’t get pregnant kind of a way’…

Then the universe hears, ‘I can’t get pregnant’ and gives you more of not getting pregnant.

So, we really do have to watch what our primary thoughts and focuses are about.

Plus, if you don’t know what the problem is, you can’t pass judgment.

And as for passing judgment, boy, do we all like to do that.

The trick is to simply lift your chin and see in the distance, what you do want and be as neutral as possible when giving or sharing your Reiki energy.

Thanks for listening.

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