Utter Reiki Madness!


Good mornin’ all

Here’s another Reiki question I received this week…

Q. I wonder if you could help with an issue I have. I have been asked to help give Reiki to dementia patients, I was happy to do this, but a friend has questioned consent. I thought if I asked their higher self that would be ok but my friend said that because they are unable to consent themselves Reiki shouldn’t be given. Could you give your views please? Thank you xx

And my answer:

Blimey! This old chestnut again!

Look, when a baby cries do you ask its permission to comfort it?

No, you just do it because it feels right.

When a child falls over and cries do you stop to ask if you can have permission to hold their knee and rub it better?

No, you just do it, because we all have a built-in radar that says that’s the right thing to do.

It’s only PC people that think touching each other and comforting each other or holding each other in times of distress is somehow ‘wrong’ or immoral or a prelude to lewd behaviour.

Remember – as you think so you are – which says a huge amount about them, not you 🙂

Dementia patients are often confused, stressed and anxious.

Frightened by the incomprehensible world going on around them.

So, what do YOU feel you’d like to do to comfort them and perhaps bring some much-needed peace and comfort into their lives?

If only for a short while…

Yes, that’s right!!! 🙂

YOU automatically feel the desire to touch them and hold them safe and whisper peaceful words to them.

To silently enter their world for a while and support them until they calm down and aren’t so afraid anymore.

If it was your Mum or Dad and someone offered Reiki to them, what would YOU say?

Please TRUST yourself to KNOW what a situation or person requires.

Don’t listen to the short-sighted, frightful fears and condemnation of others.

Stand steadfast and true to YOUR beliefs and do that which feels right for YOU.

Tell your friend to start thinking for herself and to stop following other people’s dictates willy-nilly!

And especially not to push her cloned ideas onto you!

Sorry to speak so frankly but everyone gets so used to ‘doing what they’re told by others’ that they forget to think for themselves!

If you need permission to do what YOU already intuitively know you want to do – and cannot accept your own – then I hereby give you my consent to do so 🙂

TRUST yourself 🙂

Your friend is very nice and I’m sure well-meaning but TRUST yourself and do that which feels right for you because you know it to be so.

All this PC nonsense needs to be eradicated from our world, nothing good has come from it and nothing ever will.

And always remember, Reiki Can Do No Harm!

Now, go and help all those people who, whether they know it or not, will be pleased for the touch and comfort of another caring human being.

Well done you 🙂

Bloomin’ marvellous. Have a powerful Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend …

Judith 🙂




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