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Good morning everyone…

Thank you all for your extra Reiki energy and positive thoughts for the right outcome about DC’s car adventure.

Everything has happened at its own pace, regardless of how much we would like a speedy result… ha ha ha!

But a result we seem to have 🙂

Thursday the tow truck came to the farm and took Miss Electra away 🙁 We were told we would have to wait until this coming Wednesday for any report as to whether she could be repaired or must be scrapped 🙁

Friday was DC’s 22nd birthday so plenty of presents and cake to keep us in a jolly mood 🙂

Then Saturday morning we get a phone call to say the engine is running fine with no apparent damage!

She still needs her electrics checking over and the seat pads drying and the carpets washed and dried but just knowing the engine is working lifts the spirits and gives us all belief that she will return in perfect condition to us, if not better 🙂

It was such a nice thing for the man to phone and say in case we were feeling down about it. (Absolutely everyone so far has said she will be a write off… except us 🙂 )

So once again a big hug and thank you to everyone who has sent positive Reiki support.

It really can fix anything… ha ha ha! (Fingers still crossed xxx)

OK then…today’s Sunday Chat is a little different. This smashing video link was sent in to me and I think it is well worth watching 🙂

It is a 15 minute short film about the magic of looking for the best in people, it is called Validation

Enjoy and I will see you all next week… Have a great weekend.


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