Visiting Your Internal Chikara-Reiki-Do Library



Good morning all!

I want to show you how to heal the world with Reiki.

And to do that – I must show you how to heal yourself first.

For to heal the world, you must first heal the individual – YOU!

Ever wondered how that can be?

Because there is only One. There is only One Energy.

There is only ever, one of us in the room!

By focusing solely on yourself, by trusting implicitly your nature, by trusting implicitly your spirit – you will expand exponentially to touch and change the lives of everyone you meet…

Simply by BEING YOU.

The very best you, you can be.

And I don’t mean pretending to be a false you, the one you think others will like.

I mean honouring the real you.

I mean respecting the real you.

I mean loving the real you.

For YOU are ‘The All of It’.

There is nothing you need to seek outside of you.

You contain your own library of wisdom.

Your own library of knowledge.

And to access your library you simply need your own unique library card.

It’s called “into-you-ition”…

How do you get an up to date lifetime card?

Simple – you use the Chikara-Reiki-Do tools available to you.

SSH! – silence, serenity, harmony. 🙂

Chikara-Reiki-Do allows you to reach inside yourself.

It allows you to BE still and listen to the sensations and feelings that are generated from within.

Chikara-Reiki-Do allows you to trust your feelings. 🙂

The more Chikara-Reiki-Do you practice/do/allow/give/use on YOURSELF, then the more trust you develop about your feelings.

This TRUST in ourselves and our own knowingness brings a beautiful feeling of serenity… within and without.

We have something others are drawn to.

They can’t put their finger on it, they just want to be close 🙂

That’s why we say we can ‘read someone like a book’…

We’ve seen, felt, experienced, that particular book, in our personal wisdom library.

So may I respectfully suggest you all take some time out each day to visit your library.

Sit quietly – all good libraries are quiet 🙂

Feet up – very comfortable for reading 🙂

Eyes closed – good for pondering wise words – but no sleeping 🙂

Knowledge comes from without…

Knowing comes from within…

Activate your palms using the Usui Master Symbol.

Then draw the Distant Symbol out over each palm.

Draw a large Power Symbol down your front and ‘open yourself up to divine love and wisdom’. 🙂

Now gently rest one of your hands on your heart chakra and on your solar plexus.

Then simply, let it be 🙂

Silently hear your wisdom.

Serenely acknowledge your knowing.

Harmoniously integrate both.

Perfick! 🙂

And you’ll find that as you heal yourself, as you come to rest peacefully within your skin, in harmony with the nature of who you are, then so the ‘world’ around you will reflect this perfection back to you. 🙂

You’ll see everything is perfect in its imperfection.

The world is just dandy!

The planet does not need you to ‘fix it’.

The outer reflects your inner so, if you spot a problem – it’s YOURS!

Deal with it from within and then without will come into balance too.

Do that which makes YOU smile and laugh…

And you’ll KNOW you’re on the right path 🙂

All you have to DO… is BE HAPPY! 🙂

Have your own powerful Chikara-Reiki-Do Master weekend!

Judith 🙂



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