We Are A Three Part Being

We Are A Three Part Being

You see, there’s a lot of talk, books, articles, shows, fairs, films even, about all of us being a ‘3 part being’… Mind-Body-Spirit.

And, that’s the problem…

We all recognise the body part don’t we..?

In fact we often section that off too… this leg or that spot, this cancer or that bodily craving (addiction).

Just look down for more parts to mention 🙂

A multi part body… ha ha ha!!!

That’s the problem…

Then of course there’s the mind/brain part.

The depressed part 🙂

The memory – or lack of part 🙂

The intelligence quota part… ha ha ha!!!

So many parts… humour, language, speech, sight, etc…

Insight, hindsight, foresight…!!!

That’s the problem…

And then there’s the spirit part too 🙂

Our spirit, dead spirits, good spirits, bad spirits, nature spirits, essence, self, soul… ha ha ha!!!

That’s the problem…

We are always looking to fix the part, which is the problem.

Literally… that is the problem – trying to FIX a ‘part’.

We look at our sore finger as if it is separate from the whole, and say…

“This finger has nothing to do with my mind or spirit”!!!

We feel depressed because we are separate from the whole, and say…

“These feelings have nothing to do with working in a job I hate instead of doing what I know is my heart’s desire”.

We feel unenlightened because we are separate from the whole, and say…

“What little voice inside?”…

Now, just think about it… how can we be separate from the whole???

We are the whole of it.


We are ONE BEING 🙂


We are not mind, body and spirit… we are a beautiful synchronicity of all 3.

The music, the dance, and the rhythm – in flow, harmony and joyous celebration 🙂

If you are not… then that is the problem.

If you have a problem ‘part’… that ‘part’ is the problem.

Can you see what I mean yet??? 🙂

And a simple way to dissolve your part and become WHOLE again…

Like sugar in water, is…

Meditation 🙂

And a beautiful way to start the day is to do a Reiki self “TREAT-ment”.

Treat your ‘whole’ with a Reiki session, just for you 🙂

Embrace your total beingness.

Doing this, even for only 10 minutes a day, will create the peace and harmony in your life you are looking for.

The inner serenity and calm.

The joyfulness of a carefree spirit 🙂

You become no longer a mind, body and spirit but a whole person.

How perfect is that… champion 🙂

As always, just me talking out loud…

Now I must away to Geoff’s for my Sunday Lunch and perhaps a trip out to take advantage of this glorious weather…

Have a wonderful day too 🙂


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