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Good mornin’ all…

This is going to be a very brief Sunday Chat as we’ve been away in Southport again. Finally the car has been fixed 🙂

We’ve been lucky enough to stay with Olive, my step-Mum, while the car has been serviced in Blackpool.

And it’s most likely the last time we’ll see my step-Mum before she moves down to Birmingham to live. I’ve had family in Southport for just over 50 years so it’ll be a bit odd not to have to visit there again.

But no need to get maudlin’ over it… ha ha ha!

OK… the question this week is:

Q… I want 2 ask that when I take Reiki on my temple place that when I have a headache, instead of getting a relief, it starts paining vigorously. I feel I wouldn’t have done that days Reiki 🙁

Pls reply 2 my Q why this happens.

And my answer:

A… Often when you do Reiki or any other therapy for that matter, on a ‘pain’ it can make it worse for a short while.

This is most likely because your intention is focused on ‘getting rid of the pain’. The universe just senses you focussing on ‘pain’ so hence you get more pain!

When this happens, it is easier and more comfortable, to run the energy elsewhere on your body and simply focus on relaxing or breathing or even sleeping.

So when you have another headache, lie down and run the Reiki energy on your tummy/abdomen and you may find this more comfortable.

The ‘bowels’ are also known as the second brain.

So giving Reiki energy to your bowel area will quickly relieve the headache but without the increase in pain, because you are not focusing on that.

You may find you need to ‘go to the loo’ afterwards though… ha ha ha!

Bloomin’ marvellous!

Until next week…

Judith 🙂

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