What Are The Reiki Symbols?


Good morning all…

What exactly are Reiki symbols you may ask…

Well, to me, a symbol is…

…a reminder, a memory jogger, a point of focus, a hook to hang something on.

And it has no power what-so-ever of its own!

The ONLY power it has – is what I deem to give it.

If I don’t empower it with my attention and intention it’s just what it is – a nondescript representation… inactive and dormant.

You see, we all create symbols for different things

HP sauce is symbolic to me of my father… 🙂

It’s a memory jogger, a link to a set of memories, feelings, emotions, sensations, mind photos.

Sliced tomatoes are symbolic of my old friend Alison. I can’t slice a tomato without thinking of her.

The music to the film Platoon is symbolic of Spike and Norman, two beautiful ginger cats we used to have. It’s very powerful and emotional for Chris and I, but means nothing to DC our son.

A pile of neatly folded washing is symbolic of Paddy, my mother in Law

And I’m sure you can bring many of these same things to your mind right now too.

But the ones I’ve just mentioned are the ones that are personal to me – they’re my symbolic memory joggers and they’ll have a totally different meaning to you.

Some symbols, however, are universal and have a powerful but general meaning.

Like a Red Cross – symbolic of hospitals and the Knights Templar, hence healing, help, etc.

Or a rope of garlic – French cooking and bicycles or chasing away vampires… 🙂

And then we come to the Reiki symbols.

They’ve NO power or meaning other than that which we give them either.

How can they?

A shoe is not a ‘shoe’ until you ‘activate’ it by putting it on your foot 🙂

A symbol is not ‘activated’ until you use it as such.

The more people who imbue them with a certain meaning, the more they become associated with and reminders of, that meaning, energy, activity, sensation, etc.

In fact, the Reiki symbols are like… words.

The picture/kanji/drawing of the symbol is given a word to describe it.

So, just like the word ‘elephant’ conjures up a great big ambling creature with a trunk in your mind’s eye (and not a giraffe), the energy of the Reiki symbols when ‘activated by use’ conjures up a certain response also.

Both in you and towards what you’re doing – like a tool of focus!

And just like learning the meaning of a word, you learn the meaning of the Reiki symbols.

Now, at first you may stumble over the name and how to say it.

You may not be able to bring to your mind or being, the exact sensation required.

You may forget how to draw it out… or even miss a bit off…

But eventually, if you practice and persevere – just like learning a new language – you’ll ‘grok the fullness’ of the symbols.

And, as instantly as when I say ‘elephant’ – and you get the elephant in its totality…

You’ll do exactly the same with the Reiki symbols

And in that ‘groking of the fullness’, you’ll no longer require them, you can drop them…

Because now, they’re in you completely!

First knowledge, then drop knowledge and become the knowing…

Perfick 🙂

Have a symbolically POWERFUL Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend…



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