What is a Good Way to Send Reiki Healing to a List?


Hi, I’m Judith Conroy of Chikara-Reiki-Do and I’m answering your questions on Reiki…

So, question:

What is a good way to send distance healing to a list or events?

Should I randomly pick out some names or write their names down and focus on just one or at a few at a time?

Or would it work to print out the whole list, hold it up and send it to all at once?


Yes, to all of that. But do experiment and do that which feels right to you in the moment.

I suggest doing a list as one entity – just send Reiki to all on the list…

Or, scan the list and those names that seem to draw you or jump out at you, just send to those people or animals.

The fact that they attracted your attention, means your connection with them will be stronger.

Or you could break up the list into bite-sized chunks and do some each day over a period of time.

I tend to do our Reiki healing list by sitting in front of my computer and beaming the energy at the list in front of me.

But I also hold small teddy bears and other stuffed toys for people who have asked for special help from me for whatever reason.

Using a teddy as a surrogate gives me a more personal link to that person.

And before you ask, we have a YouTube video showing how to do a distant healing already up, on our YouTube channel.

So, just do a quick search for either Judith Conroy or Chikara-Reiki-Do and you’ll find the video there.
Thanks for listening.

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