What Is A Reiki Master?

What is a Reiki Master?

Well, how long is a piece of string?

Initially a Reiki Master is simply someone who has had the Master Attunement and been given the information that goes with it.

Plus a certificate of course!

But are you then truly a Reiki Master?

For, becoming a master of anything takes time. Perhaps a lifetime.

Mastership needs to be grown into.

A real master has a natural affinity for what he is doing.

A master carpenter has a feel for the wood he works with. He knows how to bend it, turn it, polish it. Knows which wood is good for doing this or that.

The master carpenter loves the wood.

The wood responds to his touch. The wood and the carpenter become inseperable – one with each other.

He respects the nature of the wood and is grateful for what the wood gives him.

It is the same with the musician.

He must become one with his instrument to really feel the music.

The music is in him, it uplifts him, it moves him…

There is only the music – no musician and no instrument – he has melted into the sound.

The dancer becomes the dance.

The Whirling Dervish is the whirl.

To be a master is to dissolve into the energy.

To lose all limitations. To cross all boundaries.

To feel at one with the ‘one energy’.

To be in total harmony with yourself.

The only master we can ever serve is ourselves. So take time to know your master, and Master yourself.

There is only one energy – it is you and you are it.

There is only one Master – it is you and you are it.

You are the Master of yourself.

You are the Master of your life.

A Reiki Master comes to know this by using Reiki as his tool, his instrument.

When you become one with the Reiki, the Reiki disappears too.

That is Reiki Mastership.

Our warmest regards, as always…

Judith & Chris

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