What’s Your Idea of Success..?


Good mornin’ all

Here’s a question, and it’s one I want you all to answer for yourselves too.

No need to actually send me your replies though…ha ha ha!

This question is obviously coming out of fear and lack, because of its restrictive nature.

My reply, hopefully, comes from love and abundance, and from a Reiki perspective, because it encourages expansiveness.

It makes me think of all those who believe God is all loving and giving, but then project a “don’t you dare be successful, because that’s the devil’s work”, kind of attitude!

How that works I really don’t comprehend, and neither would anyone else if they gave it a few moments contemplation.

Okay, here’s the question, which is in response to our ‘Reiki and EFT Unstoppable Success Package’:

Q – Dear Judith, is it truly for the Greater Good, that all humans experience “unstoppable success?”

What about balance in the Universe?

And here’s my answer:

A – When have people ever done something ALL-together?

My idea of my success is probably very different from someone else’s – let alone having Reiki success for all.

And it’s extremely unlikely we’d all be going after the same thing, at the same time, in the same way, with exactly the same results – successful or not.

Success is simply ‘the satisfactory accomplishment of a goal set by you’.

If my goals are similar to yours, then that’s probably as close to the whole of mankind following in our footsteps as I can hope for.

Even religions can’t get us all to believe in one god!

We can only share information, encourage everyone to help themselves and in so doing, we all help each other.

Be as successful as YOU can.

It’s your idea of success that you’re following!

Success can be knitting your first jumper, saving a dying plant and propagating its seed, climbing that mountain, giving birth, owning a kitten or making your first million.

Whatever… as they say today.

Yes, I do want you all to be successful.

Very successful.

The most successful YOU can be.

Then you’d have a life worth living.

You’ve had fun and achieved something.

It might mean nothing to your neighbour, but that’s not the point.

You were successful to you – and that’s all that counts in the end.

Trust me…

…the Universe will survive all our efforts to be successful, without coming to any harm at all.

If you’re happy and balanced, then the whole Universe is too, for there is only One Energy – and it is you.

The Universal Energy – is – Infinite Creation – Infinite Consciousness – Infinite Possibilities.

And there’s as much as you want and more than enough for everyone, without disturbing the natural balance.

All our Chikara-Reiki-Do products are simply offered to help you find your own balance, your own confidence, your own path, your own integrity, your own inner strength.

We offer information and tools.

We’d love you all to become independent, individual, powerful, Usui Reiki Masters.

That’s our dream of success – but is it yours?

Cheerio for now

Judith 🙂

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