Where to Place Your Hands During a Reiki Session


Hi, I’m Judith Conroy of Chikara-Reiki-Do and I’m answering your questions on Reiki.

So, Question…

Recently when giving Reiki to a couple of different people, and more often with animals I feel drawn to keeping my hands in just the one position, is this okay?


Trust yourself…

You really do know what is best for you and all concerned at every moment in time.

If all your senses and feelings are telling you that you should be doing one thing, even if the rest of the world is telling you, you should be doing another…

Then following your own inner voice is what YOU should be doing!

Now, here is a warning and let me be brutally clear here:

If all your senses and feelings, right down to the hairs on the back of your neck…

…are warning you not to go down a dark alley with your friend, then I hope to God you don’t go.

And, if all your senses and feelings suggest you rest your hands in one position, giving warmth, strength and love to that part…

Then I hope that, is exactly what you do!

Because when you are doing your treatments, the intuitive, energetic feedback you are sensing, the feelings which are quietly whispering to you, is the same energy

And you must learn to TRUST your ability to read it.

The more you trust it, the stronger it will become for you.

You can call the energy, your guardian angel, spirit guide, higher self or whatever you fancy.

But it doesn’t matter how hard your angel guide bashes you over the head with a feather if you don’t take any notice.

Hand positions, symbols to use, rituals to perform, crystals to hold or whatever, are all suggestions and can never be as right as trusting yourself and what you sense in the moment.

The same energy will warn you of danger and guide you to do the very best thing in a healing session…

…if you listen and trust it.

It will find you a new job, a new partner, or the way home in the fog.

And when people tell you that you will do damage to someone, or make them ill if you don’t do a full body Reiki treatment…

Well, I’m sorry, but whoever says that needs their heads examining.

If you rub a baby’s toes and give Reiki, it will settle and sleep peacefully – no full body treatment necessary.

If you do 5 or 10-minute taster sessions at a mind body and spirit fair, people feel better for it, not worse.

Need I say more?

Never be afraid to trust yourself.

If what others say doesn’t sit right with you, then ignore what they say.

I am not a pale imitation or carbon copy of anyone else, I simply shine as myself…

And I strongly encourage ALL of YOU to do the same too.

Thanks for listening

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