Who Attuned Usui?

Who Attuned Usui?

Has anyone ever asked you this question before? Indeed, have you ever asked it yourself?

Chances are, on both counts, that you haven’t – and this is not at all surprising.

For you see…

Nobody actually gives it much thought.

Everyone seems quite happy to just accept the history as given by other Reiki practitioners, and…

No matter which story of the origins of Reiki you choose to believe in – you are asked to accept that the ability to channel Reiki can only be passed on to you by an existing Reiki Master.

And, at least initially, this sounds plausible and quite acceptable…

Until you look a little deeper…

Quick rundown on the origins of Reiki

There are presently two versions of how Reiki came into being, both of which have been circulating for quite some time.

The Western version goes something like this:

After 21 years of searching – through various religious and esoteric manuscripts in several countries – for the ability to heal like Jesus, Usui…

…was struck in his third eye by a strong light – which came out of the darkness after a 21 day fasting meditation on Mount Kurama – imbuing him with the ability to heal.

The Eastern version goes like this…

After facing certain business failure…

Usui went to Mount Kurama and experienced a satori – or sudden understanding – about healing, whilst meditating under a waterfall, and as a consequence founded the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkei.

Okay, admittedly that’s a very brief history of the Reiki origins, but to be honest, it really doesn’t matter which version you find acceptable – they both ask you to believe that the only way for you to become attuned to the Reiki energy is by attending the initiation ceremony of an existing Reiki Master.

And this is where we have to ask you, ‘Does this really make any sense’?

Does it make any sense at all for you to accept that you can only be attuned to Reiki by someone else, when…

…the accepted founder of Reiki – Dr Mikao Usui – attuned himself to the energy of Reiki…

For in neither version of the Reiki history does it mention anywhere that there was anyone else present to pass this energy on to him. Yes, some will tell you that Usui was struck in the forehead by some kind of bright light which en‘light’ened him to Reiki – but even if that did happen (quite remote) it’s still not another person is it?

So, the actual truth is – Usui was totally alone when he attuned himself to Reiki!

Now admittedly…

The 21 days of fasting and meditating he probably went through was instrumental in this self-discovery – but self-discovery is what it was.

In fact the translated inscription on the memorial stone of Usui’s grave even implies the same for it says:

“Work on your heart and do things from the quiet space inside of you. Anyone can access Reiki, because it begins within yourself!”

So, there we are then…

Dr Mikao Usui attuned himself to Reiki – and now you can too:

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