Will Reiki help with sea sickness & jetlag

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Will Reiki help with sea sickness & jetlag

Q… Will Reiki help with sea sickness & jetlag? Is there any special tricks for doing this?

And My answer…

A… Yes, Reiki will certainly help seasickness and jet lag.

An old fashioned remedy is to suck barley sugar. So whilst doing that… 🙂

Rest your hands comfortably across your belly area and simply let the Reiki energy run. Really visualise it sinking in and calming and soothing the tummy upset.

I would also suggest you do this for several days prior to travelling because the nerves ‘set in’ long before we enter any mode of transport.

Most people who get car sick are fine if they are driving… so a control issue perhaps?

Not many of us can drive a boat, so we are still left with a control problem 🙂

Use your Reiki to send ahead to the upcoming journey and also to send to the ‘driver’. See a smooth, uneventful journey in your mind’s eye and give your permission for the captain to sail the boat on your behalf.

See yourself giving him personal permission and giving him the keys.

Another thing to look at are your FEARS 🙂 Fear of sinking and drowning being a favourite one 🙂

For fears – a more vigorous, direct approach using EFT or The 10 Minute cure CD would help.

Checkout these two links:

EFT Link

The Ten Minute Cure

For jet lag…

Try placing a Reiki symbol, of your choice, on a piece of paper and use it like an insole in your shoe. This will help to keep you ‘grounded’.

You can also draw the symbol on the sole of your foot. 🙂

Place a symbol under your pillow when you sleep, as this will also help to balance and ground your energies.

OK, time for another question as I’m not going anywhere in this snow…ha ha ha!!!

Q… Sometimes my hubby wakes up during the night with a severe calf cramp. Is there any way I can get a quick burst of Reiki into his calf to ease the pain quickly, given sometimes it can take a few minutes to get it flowing?

And my answer…

A… Quickly rub your hands together, as if they are cold to generate some ‘instant chi’ into your palms and then place your hands anywhere on your husband that is comfortable for him.

Then just imagine your Reiki energy flowing into him.

If he is hopping about 🙂 then see your Reiki energy like a wisp of smoke or a light beam, drifting or shining, into him.

Again, try placing a Reiki symbol of your choice under the mattress at the bottom end of the bed, his side.

Bless the bed and room with the Reiki symbols too. This is nice done with incense.

Cramps are also more prevalent when the body has a calcium magnesium imbalance.

The cramps themselves are extreme ‘tension’… perhaps reflecting some area of tension unexpressed in your hubby’s life.

The calf is related to the third chakra, the one symbolic of giving and receiving. One of the prime causes of stress in a man’s life is the ‘giving and receiving’ of finances… ha ha ha!

Still, the end of the month is not so far away now 🙂

The only thing I am giving and receiving just now is on the heating. But at least with the oven on it warms the kitchen and the smell of roast beef warms your ‘cockles’…


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