Winners With Reiki!



Mornin’ all,

We had a lovely few days with June and Ross 🙂 Giggling and laughing is uplifting and clears your ‘channels’ perfickly 🙂

Now, I’d better get on… Here’s a question…

Q – How can I make myself stronger mentally? I need to let go of certain issues and move on.

I do my Reiki every day and sometimes more than once a day, if I need to help someone else. I find Reiki so healing and comforting. 🙂

A – Or more simply put – how to be a winner with Reiki..? 🙂

When you’re so emotionally attached to issues, they can be hard to release.

Sometimes you fear letting go because that’ll then be the ‘end of it’ and perhaps you’re not truly ready to move on?

What benefit do you still gain by hanging on to your issues?

If you let them go, what would you like to replace them with?

What’s your dream for your future?

What would make you smile with happiness right now, today? 🙂

Besides a dose of June and Ross… ha ha ha!

Well, the trick is not to take things so personally. Even if they are personal!

We all do, mind you – but when you catch yourself you can stop it!

We all get embroiled, distracted and carried away, with the day to day small stuff like the lead actor in a soap opera.

We repeat the same negative story to anyone who’ll listen or we bottle it all up like some kind of martyr!


Become more aware and watch yourself…

Notice your words. If you can’t say anything nice, SHUT-UP! 🙂

Be silent! 🙂

Notice your thoughts – if necessary write them down and burn them. No need to air them aloud and give them ‘a voice’ if they’re negative.

Notice your actions – keep on doing what you’re doing and you’ll keep on getting the same old response.

Every moment you have a choice to change the way you do things or respond to situations. 🙂

Make the choice to change – NOW.NOW.NOW…

Work with the Tibetan Master symbol and the Mental/Emotional symbol on your solar plexus and heart area.

Draw out the Tibetan Master symbol first over your palms and then your heart to blast away the negative feelings first. 🙂

Then draw out the Mental/Emotional symbol to bring balance.

See it drawn out in a mist in front of you and then walk through it.

See it cleansing your thoughts and actions like a sieve collects lumps from the gravy 🙂

Ask yourself quietly – ‘what would be the loving thing to do, FOR YOU, in this situation?’

Bringing love to the situation always helps. 🙂

The mind is just a chatter box wittering away to anyone who’ll listen – like a broken record!

When you stop and listen to its mindless prattling, you’ll see you’ve heard it all before.

It never says anything new or helpful!

So ignore it… 🙂

When you’re grounded in your physical body, then the mental state stops fretting and wittering so much.

So after your Reiki session – get physical!

Lots of brisk walking, out in nature or do some housework to rock music 🙂

This distracts your mind and in doing so, actually helps you become more focused and aware – open to your intuition – and brings you back to the NOW.

Simple deep breathing helps move along energy blocks too.

Champion, I’ll see you all out jogging later! 🙂

Judith 🙂



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