World Peace Using Reiki?



Good morning all!

World Peace! Sounds like something Sandra Bullock would say 🙂

Yet so many of us do state ‘world peace’ as an end result for our lifetime achievements!

Well, it’s January, so let’s make THIS year, one where we keep our promises and speak our truth.

A year of boldly, confidently and sometimes heroically, remaining steadfast and true to our own beliefs. 🙂

And, let’s start with the adage…

If you want world peace, prepare for world war!

Should it be, if you want world war, prepare for world peace!

Well, remembering ‘let’s lighten up to be enlightened’…

Let’s look at this sensibly and without getting all het-up and emotional.

Who me?! 🙂

Okay, so as we all know…

You create YOUR life experiences – and that which you focus on, you draw to you and manifest into your reality – as a real experience.

In other words, your outer ‘world’ and outer experiences, are created by your inner thoughts and emotions.

A kind of – what you think about all day, inside your head, is what you see reflected back to you in your everyday life.

So, looking again at…

If you want world peace, prepare for world war…

Or if you want world war, prepare for world peace! 🙂

You’ll see…

It’s one and the same statement, because you can’t have one side of the coin without the other side being there too.

Balance in all things. 🙂

But, of course, you can choose which side of the coin you experience, simply by BEing it.

You see, you hold within you the ability to be a murderer or not be a murderer, to kill or not to kill.

To love or not to love – to heal or not to heal.

Or as Shakespeare said – “To BE or not to BE”…

You’re ALL Warrior Healers; you can’t be one without the other 🙂

So, how can you help to settle the world energy that’s so unsettled at the moment?

You look within yourself.

You go on a journey to find that inner stillness, that place of unruffled calmness and you bathe in that tranquillity and peacefulness. 🙂

Then open your eyes to your outer reflection and perceive the same peaceful equilibrium.

Refuse to see or acknowledge anything less than ‘perfick’ all around you. 🙂

Just stop for one moment and think about all the bloomin’ wars you’re fighting every day!

The war against germs! The war against terrorists! The war against pollution!

The war against taxes, low wages, inequality, animal rights, drug wars, you name it and you can come up with a plan to ‘do battle’ against it! 🙂

Give cancer a day off from fighting! We’ll all feel better instantly 🙂

YOU are an expression in this world, of what YOU want to experience and so YOU experience just that. 🙂

If you want to heal the world – the world has to be sick!

You’re making it sick in your very desire to heal it! 🙁

See everything and everyone as just perfect – don’t colour situations with your own clouded judgements.

If you want peace in the world – you are creating war by default!

As weird as this might sound, the only person you can bless with peace is yourself, from the inside out.

And the only person you can heal, is yourself.

But in doing so, you then create a world – a reality – that you’ll experience as blissful 🙂

To heal yourself is a matter of intuitively doing that which is right for your physical body externally.

Eat right, exercise in the fresh air and sunshine and breathe deeply.

To heal your ‘innerself’ you simply meditate to balance the energies you cannot see, so to speak.

Balance your chakras, still your thoughts, release emotions that have become held internally somewhere.

As your body begins to relax and enjoys being pampered, it’ll respond by not letting you down.

It becomes a vehicle you love to travel around in…

Comfortable and pleasurable 🙂

As your mind and emotions relax and de-stress you become more loving, appreciative, and creative.

When you let go of fear, which creates the stress, time relaxes and slows down too.

Using your Reiki energy for yourself, on yourself, every day is truly the best way to heal, save, or indeed change the world.

For the only ‘world’ YOU can change, is YOUR own ‘world’ 🙂

As Reiki energy pervades the world in individual people, it creates a steadying influence. 🙂

I sit here not trying to heal anyone or save the planet.

I am just BEing me. 🙂

If you also just BE YOURSELF, then in doing so, you’ll find a strength within you, you didn’t realise you had.

You’ll then create the changes around you that are needed to produce the life YOU want to experience.

There’re thousands of Chikara-Reiki-Do Masters all around the world.

All, together, this generates a huge mass of steady, unfaltering, consistent energy.

And, steady, unfaltering, consistent energy is often experienced as LOVE 🙂

You don’t have to DO anything externally…

You simply have to BE steadfast and true to yourself, internally.

Follow your heart and your spirit will soar!

That’s why we want to create individual, independent Chikara-Reiki-Do Masters who are steadfast and true, all around the globe.

Little sparks of love and joy like diamonds in the sky 🙂

Creating a blanket of warm, comforting, nurturing energy…

An energy that allows expression and growth.

As you each create your own individual world, seen through your own eyes, like will be drawn to like, and our beautiful worlds will blend together creating a global outer experience of world peace 🙂

Reiki yourself daily for anything from 15 minutes to 1 hour.

“Do nothing and all will be done” – Clever Chinese proverb…

Sit and dream your dreams 🙂

Plan, in your mind’s eye, your day as you would like it to unfold.

Remember, a relaxed mind stretches time!

“All action stems from non-action” – Clever Chinese proverb again 🙂

Use your Reiki energy consciously in everything you do.

Use it to energise your food and drink, to create a positive buzz in your work, to harmonise your house, to walk with confidence.

Use your Reiki energy to simply bring the best out of YOU and the rest will take care of itself.

I want to end this by simply saying thank YOU.

Thank YOU for being a friend of Chikara-Reiki-Do, for joining in, sharing and caring for each other and generally making the world a better place. 🙂

And ‘world peace’ of course 🙂


Judith 🙂


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