Your body is whispering to you – listen before it shouts!


Good mornin’ all

Phew! This is an epilogue! Best get started…

So, here’s a question:

Q… Since beginning to run Reiki energy some months ago I began to experience a different health issue every couple of weeks from kidney stones to bronchitis to hypertension.

I love the Reiki and thought it was my body restructuring itself to go with the new energy.

My latest one however, is high blood pressure that’s not responding properly to medication and is kind of scaring me, as it’s quite uncomfortable and has continued for weeks.

I am 64 and have no history of this.

Can you give me any insight?

And my answer:

A… My first thought was ‘why did you want to do Reiki’?

Sometimes when we focus on ‘healing’ we have to find things to heal.

If you’re not healing others, then you may have to have a complaint yourself.

So, in future, I would suggest you only use Reiki for your ‘highest good and the highest good of all concerned’.

Never to try and directly heal something!

Now, let’s look at what has come up for you…

Here’s something I’ve written about kidneys before:


Your kidneys are your energy batteries and depleted kidney energy leaves you feeling tired and bone weary.

Your get up and go has suddenly got up and gone.

But there’s more…

Kidneys come in twos and are linked to ‘partnerships’.

Not just relationships but a feeling of being partners, part of a team, working in tandem, an important cog in the wheel.

Sharing the load, spreading the weight, a problem halved

Two heads better than one, yin and yang…


Kidneys do all that and more.

Any problem with your kidneys can relate to the above areas in your life.

I get kidney ache and feel tired when I get overwhelmed with my work load, etc. and as a woman, feel I’m doing it all myself! 😊

And when I re-connect with the ‘team’ and stop trying to do it all by myself, my energy soars again.

When we all pull together as a team of healers, we get marvellous results.

When we, as individuals, come together as Chikara-Reiki-Do Masters we are no longer ‘little drops’ but a flowing energy source of immense impact!

When we all join together, truly as the ‘One Energy’, and express it in our own unique way but with the same intention ‘in mind’ or in our THOUGHTS, then anything is possible

A lot of people have gone farther than they thought they could, because someone else thought they could.

Zig Ziglar

Kidneys are also intimately connected to water, more so than your other organs.

‘Wee’ know the power that water has to read and react.

So, the next time you’re ‘passing’ water, spare a THOUGHT for others

Lungs – contact, communication, freedom.


Feeling ‘irritated’ by those close to you?

Something angry to get off your chest?

With any infection or inflammation there’s a severe ‘conflict’ going on internally…

Breathing itself is a process of tension and relaxation.

Both are necessary and both balance each other…

It suggests you have a conflict going on inside yourself and consequently this causes a greater ‘inspiration’ of breath…

More tension than relaxation!

When others, or life in general, refuse to do as we want, then we get irritated, angry and tend to hold our breath… ha ha ha!

Today’s current issues being something that can cause tension and irritation!

So, perhaps running the Reiki on yourself has been giving you the opportunity to see that which disagrees with you in your life, but at the moment it’s hard to alter the circumstances?


Maybe the clue is in the word itself

Everything you’ve described suggests you need to make changes in your life…

To speak your truth loud and clear and make the changes you know must come.

Your body is whispering to you – listen before it shouts!

Stop resisting and causing increased tension.

Simply breathe out, relax and go with the flow

Now, this is just my feelings on the subject of course…

So, always TRUST your OWN intuition and always feel free to disagree with me.

Have an exceptionally powerful Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend.

Judith 🙂

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