Your Reiki Questions – My Reiki Answers


Good mornin’ all…

Now, it’s always good to question and clarify things without getting too tied up in the small print 🙂

So, you asked:

How important do you feel it is to use the middle finger versus the index finger, to draw the symbols? Do you know with whom that teaching originated? (just curious)

And I replied:

The fire finger is used in most martial arts for ‘shooting’ energy out.

Try the ‘bending a candle flame’ exercise to prove this works 🙂

I don’t know who discovered this originally (but probably the Chinese). Energy leaks from the body from all the ‘pointed’ bits…

Elbows, shoulders, fingers and toes and your nose!!! etc.

But you can intend the Reiki energy to flow from anywhere you focus it from… eyes, palms, etc.

I would simply suggest you use whichever finger works best for you 🙂

You could strengthen your fire finger by doing this simple exercise:

(Only joking)



Then you asked:

When I use Reiki on my patients how long should I hold the hand positions?

Also, does it hurt to do the attunement more than once, just for my own satisfaction?

I said:

Trust your intuition…

But as a general guide, in the beginning, place your hands in each of the 12 hand positions for about 3-5 mins per hand position.

This’ll also give you a rough idea of how long your Reiki session will take.

But do ‘listen to your hands’ and let them move when they want to.

If you do 1 min here and 6 mins there that’s fine as well. 🙂

The hand positions are simply a beginner’s guide and, eventually, you’ll do it all by intuition and not need them at all 🙂

Many Reiki practitioners will turn the client over… like a piece of toast 🙂 halfway through a session, to do the back positions but I never do.

I find it too disturbing for me and for the client.

I would simply suggest ‘beaming’ the Reiki through from the front to the back areas instead. 🙂

Again, we all do things by preference. So, trust YOUR own judgement and do it your way.

That way it’ll be right for you and your client, at that moment in time 🙂

You also asked:

Does it hurt to do the attunement more than once?

And I replied:

I bloomin’ well hope not as I’ve done more self-attunements than most folks have had hot dinners! 🙂

No, don’t be silly! It doesn’t hurt at all, even if you do it only once… ha ha ha!

Just thought I should clarify that… 🙂

You may repeat your Chikara-Reiki-Do self-attunement ceremony as many times as you like.

People often do and also use it as a meditation tool too.

Multi-functional and multi-talented, whatever next!

Have a personally powerful, Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend…

Judith 🙂


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